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Shades of Gray

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November 25th, 2004

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08:23 pm
Just a little Full moon fun
With Elijah and Craig.

Elijah looked out the window of his flat. The sun had already set and there was very little time, less than an hour, he figured, before the moon began its assent. He pulled the curtains back shut and turned to the figure reclined on the bed. Stalking his way, naked, across the room he pounced onto the bed and lay stretched out, with his full body covering the person laying there.

The eyes blinked open and he felt the pierce of blue eyes sweep him under the spell that knew he had existed under for nearly two years. The voice was low, a rumble in his throat and the teeth were already beginning to be more canine in appearance with the approach of the full. A gentle nip pinned Craig to the bed.

“Hullo Love. Did you know that when the moon passes through the shadow of the earth.. That the moon turns red in color?”

Craig was pleasantly surprised to find himself being covered by Elijah yet again. He smiled up at the smaller man, a hand coming up to brush over his face. "Hello, love." He welcomed the nip as he laid back. "Mmm...have to say that I didn't know that piece of information. But that is interesting." He pauses. "Is that what the moon is going to do tonight?" A thrill runs through his body as he looks up at Elijah. There is less of Elijah there due to the fact that the full moon is so close. That thought bring out pleasant memories of being fucked into the ground by his love's wolf. "What are you planning on doing tonight, love?" He asked, voice in a purr as his hand brushed over Elijah's face.

Elijah gave Craig a wolfish smile in reply to the questions. “Well I had planned on watching the full moon rise. But I don’t think it will wait for me to see it again. And yes. That’s what will happen tonight during the eclipse tonight. The moon will take on a reddish color.” His hands moved over the chest of his lover and began to slide the covers off the body beneath him. “You’re lucky you don’t wear anything to bed or else it would be shredded before I could get anywhere near your skin.. His lips moved to suck on the pale skin along the line of Craig’s neck as the other moaned softly from the teasing strokes. “I think I will let the wolf have a go at you again.”

Craig : He watched his lover as his hands drifted over his chest, shivering a little from the wonderful touch. A smirk curved over his lips as he licked them, watching the way Elijah's eyes roamed over his now exposed body. "I have found that sleeping in nothing is easier, seeing as how I'm almost always woken up by you in the mood for some...'loving'." He chuckles a little before it is turned into a moan as his lover begins to work on his throat, still stroking his chest. "Mmmm...if your wolf wants me...I'm fine with it all..." He manages a nod before he just becomes a happy puddle of goo under Elijah.

Elijah: "Oh I want you along with him.. " a glint shines though blue eyes trailing over the body beneath me.. And the smile touches them as he looks at the exposed neck and nips a little at the pale skin...The taste of Craig under me nearly causes me to let loose of the little control of the wolf that i have at this time of the moon phase and I raise my eyes to meet his again.. "take me Craig.. first.. before I let him go.. "

Craig : I make a pleased noise deep in my throat as you nip at it, arching my neck to offer you more. It takes me a couple of moments to realize what you're asking me to do before I smirk up at you. "Mmm...I think I can do that..." I lick over your lips before managing to roll our bodies so that he is under me. My lips curl back in a snarl to reveal my fangs as I easily tear his boxers off of him. "This is going to hurt a little, love.." I'm too worked up to prepare you and besides, if you want me to take you...it has to be now before you lose control. I manage to forcefully spread your legs as I press to your opening, locking my lips with yours as I push into your tight and willing body.

Elijah: its okay.. its okay.. *i am panting as you flip me over. and that turns to a scream into the pleasure of your mouth as you press in with out preparation. It didn’t matter.. I didn’t need any really and after the first initial driving thrust my body doesn’t care about prep anyways.. I feel the wolves struggle inside of me wanting to top you but i hold it back and let my hips rise up to meet your thrusts.. they come fast and furious into my body* crist.. craig... Ah gods.. hurry.. *my eyes close shut as the first wave of the change hits my body*

Craig : "Yes, love.....I'll hurry..." I manage to pant out as I drive my cock harder and deeper into your body with every thrust. Your body writhes about under me, trying to meet the thrusts. The image of you like this is almost too much, almost enough to cause me to come undone too soon. I can feel the first wave of change go through you as your body shudders. Your eyes are no longer human, but wolfish...as are your teeth. I snarl at the wolf, wanting him to stay back just a little longer but knowing that is a fight I cannot win... The sound of my thrusts into your body begin to fill the room as I slam into you, practically driving you into the mattress.

Elijah: Deeper you take me and my body slides across the bed from the passion of your thrusts. I bury my face into your shoulder and the scent nearly drives me crazed.. Sex.. blood.. mingles in my mind and my fingers dig into your skin and I can feel the moon and the wolf shattering any control that i was trying to keep together.. "i love you" I manage to gasp out one last time before the second wave hits and i lose the control of my voice.. I had waited too long to shift and now was being thrust into it by the rising of the moon.. A howl leaves my throat.. of pain.. of frustration.. of love.. all of it blending together.. as I flip us onto your back and drive my body down onto yours.

Craig : I make a surprised noise as you howl, my eyes widening as I watch you shift into your wolf. My whole body freezes in surprise as the wolf looks at me and manages to flip us, taking advantage of my surprise. I snarl at the wolf, but he has me pinned before I can try to wrest back my control. My cock slips from your body in this position, as we both snarl at each other, even as my cock throbs at the thought of being taken again by the wolf. The look in my eyes, urges the wolf on...

Elijah: it is a fight for which there is no winning and the moon tears me apart and all that is left is an animal.. Animal instincts.. A deeper growl comes out of my throat at the pinned vampire beneath //my vampire// me. His teeth are bared and for a moment our growls are similar in nature.. pure driving needs sends us into a frantic chase. You are out of the bed and across the room and I leap afterwards.. wanting and demanding only one thing.. to drive you into the ground under my body

Elijah: I jumped off the bed with a howl and instead of following the running figure down the steps into the barn I leaped from the top one and bowled over Craig as he reached the bottom. His teeth snapped and caught me on the hip and I gave a whimper that had nothing to do with pain. Plowing him down into the soft hay that lay scattered on the floor I bit into his shoulder pinning him there.. //love you.. need you// the wolf and i in perfect agreement with those sentiments.

Craig : I snarl at you, face twisting into a small look of pain as you bite into my shoulder to keep me pinned to the floor. Your words in my head make me still, as I look up into the eyes of the wolf. Somewhere in those eyes is you, looking back at me. I can't help a small smile. "Love you too..." I struggle a little, knowing that just excites the wolf more. "Do you want me like this, love? Or on all fours?" A devilish look crosses my face. "Or would you rather chase me in the woods?" I don't even know if you will be able to tell me what you want, but I figure somehow the wolf will let us know.

Elijah: I growl lightly when I feel you struggle and have to hold back from shaking you like a rag doll as I ponder the question. The thought of you under me. Between my legs, pounding into your body. So thick.. so hard.. and then my ears perk forward as you ask a different question .. if i want to chase you and my tail begins to wag at the thought of chasing you down in the woods and taking you again. I release your pinned shoulder and give you a nudge with me nose. Yes. Go and run. I want to do both.. Hard and fast..

Craig : I wait as you ponder these questions in your head, I wouldn't be surprised if that was hard to do at the moment. I'm surprised at the fact that I'm actually able to bring this up to you and not just have you drive me into the ground. The sight of your tail wagging catches my attention, wincing slightly as you release my shoulder. I glance over at it. Not as bad as I thought, even though a small amount of blood trickles over my shoulder from the small wound. You nudge at me and I smirk, getting the idea. Both you and the wolf like the idea of hunting me down before taking me. I scramble out from under you and stand up, watching you. "Alright then, love...you're going to have to catch me." With that i dart off into the woods. The fact that I'm bleeding will excite your wolf and will make it a bit easier to catch, but I'm not worried about that. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about being caught by you.

Elijah: I run my tongue over my lips and taste your blood as you move out from under me. It is all i can do to wait to begin the chase. My body leaning forward in a playful position as I wait for you to begin. You tease me by running a finger over your shoulder and dipping it into the blood.. red.. beautiful .. yours.. and licking it off. My eyes are glued to your finger as you suck for a moment meeting my eyes through the veil of the wolf. The whine escapes my lips and I nearly regret letting you up.. I could have had you then and there.. So wonderfully //mine.// And then you are gone.. Out the door in a shot and I shake my head and clear the vision of your fingers sucked into your mouth, before releasing a howl and tearing after you toward the woods.

Craig : I dart about through the trees, not daring to look back. Just that little action would slow me down and give you a chance to catch up. A howl tears through the night, bringing a shiver through me. The sound has always been a haunting tone, but at the same time beautiful. But this time it brings a thrill through me, just at the thought that I'm being hunted. I make a quick veer to the left, hissing a little under my breath as a branch catches me across my bare chest. Blood trickles from the new cut and runs slowly down my chest as I begin to weave through the trees. I don't want to go one set way; I want you to work for me. //Come and get me, love....//

Elijah: The tangle of underbrush works to my advantage and not yours.. As I am able to follow the tracks of your scent and spill through the brush after you.. Though.. catching another burr in my coat.. it would take a brush to get out some of things that are getting into it.. Blood yours spills across my senses and i am reeling in the scent when it gives way to the fern. I feel the ferns part between my legs and i lose your scent amongst them having to sweep the area .. a few times searching for it... but then you are a vampire.. I look upwards and search the branches above me.. But still no scent. I go back to where i caught it last and out from behind me i hear the crash through the brush.. You had froze so still that i had missed you the first time.. I tear after you. The scent of your blood closer now then before.. Hot panting noises will soon reach you ears and the soft snap of jaws as I approach you closing the distance as you run deeper into the woods.

Craig : Even after telling and forcing myself not to look over my shoulder, I do it when I catch the sound of you panting as you begin to catch up to me. I try and put on an extra burst of speed to lose you, but know that at this point...I won't be able to lose you. Soon the sound of you tearing through the underbrush reaches my ears and I can hear your growl. You're close...now too close. Again I try to speed up but four legs are faster then two even with my speed. I gasp in surprise as my barefoot catches on a root causing me to sprawl on the forest floor. Though I am able to get back up and run again, I know it is a lost cause...you're going to catch me.

Elijah: A howl leaves my throat, shattering through the night when i come to the place where you had tripped and fallen. the blood scent is closer now and I lick at the small drops that have scattered amongst last autumns leaves.. You are close now and I can taste your scent on the wind as well as my tongue and I cut across your wide loop following instead the track of your scent in the air instead of the one on the ground.. I break suddenly behind you nipping hard at your ankles and tripping you up..

Craig : I can hear you so close, hear you growling low in your throat as you catch up to me. A surprised noise falls from my lips as you nip hard at my ankles. I jerk my foot away from you, only to send myself sprawling to the ground again. So much for having some grace. I attempt to roll over, but before I know it, you are pressing your front paws into my arms and pinning me down. Your hid legs are on either side of me as you snarl at me, the scent of your excitement about this so exciting.

Elijah: So hard.. The smell of your body intoxicating. I can tell that you are hard too. Smell the scent of sex upon you.. Our sex from earlier and because of that smell I want you with all the desires of man and wolf together. I tear into your shoulder reopening the mark that i made on you earlier. Licking over the blood that drips out. Your teasing licks earlier had left me with a desire for its taste.. But you are too pleasantly distracting in other areas and I know that this driving need is going to hurt.. as you have no preparations done to you.. Part of me knows.. part of me cares.. //sorry love, its going to hurt// and part of me...licks a long swath down your back and over the curve of your ass and slams a hot cock home.

Craig : I give as much of a struggle as I can, but your weight on me keeps me thoroughly pinned. A cry falls from my lips, my body still and giving up the fight as you tear into my shoulder yet again. Blood runs over my shoulder and I shiver from the feel of your wolf's tongue running over the wound, a soft growl rumbling from it's lips. The wolf's body shifts over me, tugging at my shoulder to get me to rise to all fours. Making small sounds of pain I do as the wolf wants and come to my knees, legs spreading a bit. Your words in my head, cause my eyebrows to furrow in confusion but all of the confusion melts away as you ram home. My body jolts in surprise, my head thrown back as I cry out, your cock once again tearing me open. You pause for a moment, the weight and warmth of the wolf hunched over my back, too much. "Elijah, love....take me..."

Elijah:Another lick down the cheeks of your ass and I drive in again. So wonderful the feeling of you surrounding me. Hot warmth steals out of my body and drives into your cooler one. I pause to enjoy the sensations of hot pressing against cool. But not for long.. Not for long.. Madly a wave of pleasure rolls over me and I drive again with another smashing stroke into your body. The friction driving me to take you further and deeper.. Tasting you with most of my senses. You squirm and it excites us both. // So good lover.. so good // My hips thrust into you even as I rise up onto your back with my front paws.. My claws and teeth tearing into the soft muscles and with tender nips of passion. I lick over your back tasting blood and flesh each taste sending another wave of pleasure screaming through my system.. to touch you.. pierce you.. and claim you as mine.

Craig : Sounds of pleasure fill the night as your wolf rides me, little growls being made next to my ears as I claw at the ground. I squirm a little, trying to get in a position that will allow you take me harder and faster. The sound of your voice brushing over my mind, brings a shiver to me as I attempt to thrust back and meet the wolf's thrusts into my body. Each thrust slams into me all the way, the wolf's balls slamming into my ass. A whimper of pain falls from my lips as I feel your teeth and claws tear into me, feeling the blood run over my back and ass. A shiver runs through my body as you lick over my back, tasting me as you pound into me harder than ever. "Yes, love...so good...harder...claim me...I'm yours..."

Elijah: The words that filter through my head spur me on to assault your body more. I lick over the marks over your neck tasting salt and sweat and the sweet drops of blood off your body. I cant stop the temptation to take you hard with or without your voice encouraging me. The thrusts are buried deeper into you now and I make them with a faster pace, not pulling back as much when the tip of my cock brushes over your prostate and that brings a gasp from your mouth. I push you further down toward the ground riding over you hard and fast.. I cant help it any more as the howl leaves my throat and I come screaming into your body.

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