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Shades of Gray

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October 15th, 2004

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01:37 pm - Dom and Billy Talk after Elijah and Craig Leave:

Billy: *Pushing the door closed behind Elijah and Craig, locking it, I lean an arm against it for a moment. My anger and frustration is still flowing, unyielding. Turning to look at you, questioning your motives, your behavior. Quietly,* Dominic, what the hell did you think you were doing?

Dominic: *following you to the door, feeling the need to watch every move, ready to attack if need be. The lock slides into place and I relax, but only for a brief moment, until your voice causes me to shiver quietly. My eyes fall to the floor and I shake my head slowly* I- I don't know...

Billy: *Becoming even more frustrated at your answer... or rather, the lack thereof.* Dom-... wh-, were you trying to make Craig angry? Were you trying to cause all that tension? 'Cause you did a really good job of it. *Voice now growing louder.* You said a lot of unnecessary things that would have saved Elijah a lot of discomfort if you had just kept your mouth shut.

Dominic: *scratching quickly at my nose, fidgeting is more like it* I- I- I- *stumbling on my words at your anger, then realizing I shouldn't be letting you attack me like this* What would you have me do Billy?? Let them walk all over us? You heard the things Craig said! He'was threatening us, I was fucking ready to protect you! I did it, for you!

Billy: I don't need protecting, Dominic! I don't care what Craig said, he was acting irrationally and that doesn't give you permission to act the same way. This was difficult enough for Elijah in the first place. In case you hadn't noticed, I was trying to make this as easy for him as possible... and you were absolutely no help whatsoever.

Dominic: Difficult for him? You were making it easier for him!? *astonished* What about us Billy? Did you ever think that perhaps, it might have been difficult for us. It certainly was hard for me! He fucking came on to you! You aren't his to touch! or to hold! or to *swallowing* love... You're mine... I'm yours. I was doing all I could not to show him that. *stepping closer, arms out* please Billy... try to understand that.

Billy: *Quietly now, glancing at your outstretched arms but making no move forward.* I am no material possession. I'm not yours, Dominic. I belong to no one but myself. And I have more than the means to protect myself. If I hadn't, we would be dealing with a much bigger problem right now. But we aren't. Sure, Elijah did something wrong, but he couldn't bloody help it. I understand that much. It's a problem of his that he's ashamed of and trying his hardest to overcome. This is just as difficult for him as it is for us if not more-so. *Taking a breath to say something that I know will hurt, but it must be said.* Try to think of someone other than yourself for a change.

Dominic: *arms dropping to my side, thumping against my jeans. I stagger backwards a bit until the back of my knees hits the couch and I slump down into, staring off into space. My voice quiet and withdrawn* I was thinking only of you.... *laughing slightly* lately you're all I think about. *not wanting to get into a full out fight, I hang my head, feeling like a dog that's gotten into the trash. I sit and wait for you to do what you will...*

Billy: Exactly. Then you need to start thinking of someone other than me. I'm not the only person in the world that matters. *Pausing and letting out a sigh.* I'm not telling you to stop caring for me, I'm just trying to get you to understand that you shouldn't let your feelings get in the way of caring for others. *Moving closer to the couch* And you shouldn't let your anger with what Elijah did blind you to his apology. He was trying to make amends and you totally threw away your civility.

Dominic: *nodding repeatedly at the floor, knowing you're right* I'm sorry Billy... it's just, it takes me longer I think, to care and trust. It's taken me this long to acknowledge what I've always known as being true *looking up* how much I love you. *smiling weakly* I guess I'm just slow beyond all reason *pausing and scooting over to offer a seat next to me* but slow doesn't mean my feelings aren't strong. They are the strongest I've ever felt.

Billy: *Smiling and coming to sit down in the space next to you... or rather, taking up half that space and sitting the rest of me on top of you, one leg draped between yours, arms reaching up to wrap around your neck.* You're not slow. Just cautious. Which can be a good thing. *Leaning forward to let my forehead touch yours.* I love you. *Kissing your neck and laying my head on your shoulder.*

Dominic: *my arms go automatically around your waist, holding tightly, protectively even as the soft caress of your lips grace my neck. Leaning my head to cover your own* I love you too *tilting my face for my cheek to rub against yours, enjoying the feel of flesh and stubble, warm and inviting* more and more each passing day.
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