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October 12th, 2004

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09:57 pm - Elijah and Craig
Elijah </b> Smiling as I watched the wave crash against his body, drenching his jeans and causing them to cling deliciously to his body. Each wave rocking him slightly as he walked beside me through the water.. I tucked my hand into his as we walked. The water had nearly drenched us both with the force of the tide coming in.

Craig I catch you looking at me out of the corner of my eyes as I stumble the slightest bit from the force of a wave hitting me. “Find something interesting, love?” I tease as I raise an eyebrow at you, giving your hand a squeeze. My gaze turns away from you to the sky, catching a glimpse of the moon, no longer full. A smirk tugs at my lips at the thought of our little trist before the full on. I tug you closer to me, pressing a kiss against your hair, stumbling once again from the waves.

Elijah “Just enjoying the wetness of your… “ I pause and smile “..jeans love.” I melt against your body as you pull me against you and chuckle when you kiss the top of my head. It is not quite what I have in mind for the moment but when I tilt my head back I am pleased to discover your lips seeking mine. “I was missing our forays to the beach love; we need to get away from the house more often now that Doctor London has said that I am almost fully healed again.” The wave pushes you harder against my body and soon we take the full wave against your back and it presses us down onto the sea bed and pushes us up toward the shore. Your body surfing over the top of mine. We are thoroughly wet now, your light blue shirt clinging to your skin, is made nearly translucent in the glow from the half moon. Together we ride the waves as they push us with out strain back onto our beach.

Craig : *I laugh at that.* Mmmm...my jeans? Is that all? *I make a startled noise as the wave crashes into us, causing us both to topple to the ground. The water pushes us further up the beach as we cling to each other. We come to a stop on the shore, my body pressed on top of yours. Both of us are panting from the rush as we look at each other, the material of our shirts clinging to our skin.* Well, that was interesting... *I lick my lips as I smirk down at you. Your blue eyes seem brighter, or maybe it's just our position that has me thinking that way. I lean down and capture your lips with mine in a tender kiss, my hands wandering over your sides, bunching up the damp material.*

Elijah : Craig...*my body reacts wonderfully with the press of you on top of me. my mouth capture by yours as you push me down deeper into the sand on the beach. A wave rides over us on occasion adding a salty taste to your body as I suck lightly on your bottom lip* .. want you.. *I run my hands over your shirt.. sliding aside the fabric in an effort to contact your skin with mine. The briefest touch sending an electric shock through my system.*

Craig : *The kiss becomes more eager as we are pressed deeper into the sand from the weight of my body and the softening sand from the water. I shiver at the feel of your hands running over my body, knowing that you're feeling something very similar to me. My eyes darken slightly at your words, hips rolling against you.* Want you too love. Always want you. *I nip at your lips, surprised by how eager we are. It's far enough from the full moon that you aren't effected by it. But it's just you reacting to me. A thrill runs through me at that thought, I have an affect on you.* How do you want me? Or how do you want me to take you? *I nip at your lips again, tugging your lower lip out between my teeth.*

Elijah : *I blush at the question* I had a dream the other night.. it was odd.. *my skin turning more redder as I try to explain some of it* I want you.. or rather.. the wolf wants you.. I want to feel my teeth bite along your back and then lick over your hole. I .. well I want to shift as I drive into your body..

Craig : *I tilt my head to the side at that.* A dream? A good one? *I tease, raising an eyebrow. I watch you blush and squirm as you talk about your dream. The squirming making it harder for me not to ravish you. For a moment I look at you in surprise, shocked that you would want me that way. But at the same, a thrill runs through me at the thought of your wolf taking over me.* If you and your wolf want that....I want it. I want to be yours completely, and if that means to let the wolf have it's way with me...so be it. *I kiss you softly, watch you face for signs of discomfort.*

Elijah : *I kiss you back, surprised at the reaction.. and give you a smile* and here I had thought you would be shocked at the thought of being taking like that. Especially with a furry body covering you..*i run my fingers along the skin under the back of your shirt burying my tongue into your mouth and licking over your fangs.* I love you Craig..

Craig : *I smile back down at you.* It is a shock, but it's you in wolf form. I want both parts of you to have me. *My cock twitches at the thought of being taken like that, fucked into the ground by your wolf.* I love you too, Elijah. *I nip playfully at your lips, pulling back from you. My head tilts to the side as I raise my eyebrow at you.* How do you want me love? On all fours? *I pause as I run a hand over your face.*

Elijah : For the moment I want you to bite along my neck.. call up the wolf with your teeth.. *as i speak i feel his hunger drift through my body.. a hunger that i had know for the canines in my pack.. now his hunger for you.. all of you regardless of what time of the month it is..* And yes.. *my eyes darken thoughtfully the blue becoming more pronounced in the dark* i will take you on all fours and pound you into the sand.

Craig : *I smile down at you, lowering myself over you again, pressing into your body.* I think I can do that love.... *My lips pull back as I lick at your throat before slowly beginning to nip at your throat with my fangs. I have always loved the way that your body reacts to that, writhing and whimpering under me, urging me on. As I continue my work on your throat, I can feel your wolf rise, know when it's pushing at the surface. A shiver runs through me as I think of you pounding me into the sand, the wolf mounted on my back.*

Elijah : gods.. *my body trembles under you and I squirm as the wolf seeks to find its way out of me.. It is a torment to shut my eyes and let him come to the surface. the hold on him lessens as your teeth move over my neck.. I know what drives me mad about that feeling.. it is a submission to bare my neck to you and I am submissive to most.. My eyes open wide as I feel his desire for you breaking through my barriers. * Craig * the name comes out in a half growl - half voice.. and I flip you so that I am on top... Biting down on your neck.. My fingers tearing at your clothes underneath me.*

Craig : *I cry out in surprise as you bite down on my neck, arching under you as you press me into the sand. My clothes are torn easily from me as you growl. No, it's not you growling anymore it's the wolf. My cock twitches at the thought of that as you yank down my boxers. A smirk comes to my lips as I look up at you, watching the small struggle between man and wolf. Quickly I flip you on your back, pressing you down into the sand. I bite at your throat, letting my fangs brush over your throat before my own hands work on your clothes. It's a struggle to get your clothes off as you fight to get me back on my back. Finally your clothes are off as I smirk down at you.* Come and catch me, love. Let your wolf catch me. *With that I dart off down the beach, not caring that I'm naked.*

Elijah : *The wolf winning for the moment the battle and closing in as I watch your clothes come off in tatters of material I grab a hold of your boxers the last of your attire even as you throw me off again. Vampire strength pushes me to the ground and keeps me there as My own clothes are discarded.. Your teeth bite over my neck again as I push against your trying to flip you off of me and get you into postion.. you trap my arms behind my back and push my wet jeans and boxers off in a smooth movement.. My body humming for your touch the blood coarsing through my veins sending a wave a heat from head to head.. You look down at me one last time meeting the last reminents of mans eyes.. Come and catch me, love. Aye I will do more than that.. //mine// Your off and running down the beach.. With a yelp I clamber to my feet and take off after you shifting quickly into wolf's form as I streak after you*

Craig : *I glance over my shoulder to see you chasing after me in wolf form at full tilt. Quickly I put on another burst of speed. It won't be that much help. With you in full wolf form, you can easily catch me. It also helps that the wolf has padded feet, making it easier for it to move over the sand while I stumble a bit. I can sense your wolf's eagerness to catch me, knowing this thrill is going to excite the wolf more....which is what I plan on.*

Elijah : *I watch as you stumble in the sand, not just once but twice.. by the third time I have caught up with you and have you pinned to the ground. Want to take him while shifting..I pant to the wolf.. want to take him now.. is his response. For a moment we fight but since we both get what we want .. you... we do reach a compromise in a matter of minutes. I shift back to human form and push you hard to the sand beneath me. You struggle and i fight back , your hands pressed into the sand and your back side shaking so seductively it hurts.. I bite down hard on the back of your neck as I rub my cock over your ass hungrily.. Slowly a long lick runs down your back in-between bites into your ass.. So close now.. I grab your hips and press my tongue and send it squirming into your hole..*

Craig : *I make a surprised noise as I'm thrown face first to the ground, winding up with a mouthful of sand. With a growl, not nearly as impressive as yours, I struggle against you. You finally have my hands pinned over my head, ass in the air for you. My whole body trembles in anticipation of you taking me so roughly, smelling the wolf on you more than I smell yourself. A gasp falls from my lips as you bite down on my neck before licking down to my ass. I tremble even more, soon going rigid as you press your tongue into me.* Yes...gods...Elijah...more... *I pant out, hips moving as best as they can to move on your tongue. It feels wonderful but it isn't enough. It isn't what I want.*

Elijah : want him.. *The wolf pants out* want him now.. * I bite again into the firm ass and press my body over the top of him my hands about his waist and dragging him upward into being on his hands and knees in front of me. He was getting all the preparation that I had in me.. which was very little.. I lined up over the hole and let the wolf take over my body. The head of my cock shoving in even as the soft fur of the wolf replace the skin of the man.. With a howl I slammed inside of him as I kept hm trapped between the four legs of a young adult male .. and extremely in heat wolf*

Craig : *I allow my jello-ish body to be pulled up to my hands and knees. Glancing over my shoulder at you I shiver at the sight of your eyes that have gone all wolfish on me. Licking my lips, I lower my head as to brace myself for what I know is coming as you shifted about to line up behind me. A cry spills from my lips as I can feel your cock tearing into me, jerking in surprise at the feel of warm fur on my back and not your heated, smooth skin. The pain is sharp as you enter me. You're much bigger and longer in this form, tearing into my body. I have the brief thought to wonder if you're making me bleed. My first instinct is to want to get away, but I soon find that I"m not only trapped by your weight but by your strong forelegs gripping my sides. I stay under you, trembling from the rush I'm getting from this.* Elijah...

Elijah : *growling with hunger my teeth clamp again into your neck pushing the front half of your body down. Somewhere in the back of my mind I hear the echo of your voice speaking my name. But I can't reply I have been shoved aside and replaced by my animal. With heavy thrusts My lower body slams into you again and again.. Locked as you are between the forelegs and the powerful hindquarters riding your back half of your body. Growling biting, marking your body with the heat of fur and flesh I drive hard into your hole. The soft scent of blood coming from your body. from the bites that mar your back to the slower drip as i feel it
brush over my cock*

Craig : *My mouth opens into a scream as you clamp onto my neck, pushing me down into the sand. Again my ass is in the air, as I manage to turn my head so that the side of my face is pressed into the sand. My hands claw uselessly at the sand as you slaw into my body, a jolt of pain and pleasure running through me with every deep thrust. I manage a cry again as you bite into my shoulders, neck, and back, your whole body hunched over me as you pound into me. The feel of the fur of your body over mine is just a reminder that I'm being fucked into the ground by a wolf. The smell of blood reaches my nose, even as my body shifts back and forth with your thrusts into me. The wounds that you are inflicting are no doubt doing that, along with the warm trickle between my legs, telling me that you did tear me. That thought brings something up in me that I can't explain as I struggle to push further back onto your wolf's cock.*

Elijah : *Ah gods.. My mind is lost in the tremor of your body. The blood inside you making it easier to slide inside you and that of course drives me in deeper.. Hips ride over yours as my tongue now licks over the wounds in your back .. Something’s inside knowing that they will close up in minutes.. For the moment it is mine.. your blood.. your body.. all of it being possessed by me.. not the wolf.. me.. because he is who i am any more.. no longer a separation between the two.. I have crossed over to a total acceptance of who and what I am .. neither just human, nor fairy, nor wolf but the combination of the three with the fierce desire of all three.. And you belong to all three pieces now.. Fully and wholly mine.. A howl of triumph breaks through the night.. Echoing over the ocean as I drive even deeper into your body the long drawn out strokes become more faster now. I clamp my legs about you.. thick hard.. I am locked onto you *

Craig : *Your body drives into my own like I'm nothing. Like I'm just something for you to fuck. And that thought alone brings a thrill through me as I try to get a look of you out of the corner of my eyes. A wince crosses my face briefly as you slam into me roughly, bringing a moan from my lips.* Mmmm...Elijah....yours...yours to do what you want with.... *I gasp as my body jerks in surprise as your cock drives into my prostate, catching me off guard.* Yes...harder....please... *I'm not sure why I'm asking for more. You're already taking me hard enough to make me bleed. The sound of your howl right above me brings a shiver through my body, as I'm driven harder into the sand, no way of trying to pull away from you even if I tried or wanted to.*

Elijah : *//yes mine// Finally a soft voice breaks through the howls of the wolf in response to yours.. //love you Craig// The wolf snarls back at me and the voice disappears once more into the corner of my mind.. There is no fighting him as he consumes the rest of me in an effort to lay claim to your body. Had you been any thing other than a vampire perhaps you may not have survived for as soon as one mark begins to heal another mark is added in it spots. The blood is running thinner down your leg and still I pound inside of you, a soft keening knows in the back of my throat begins as i desire to spill now inside of you.. I fight the urge wanting to draw it out longer. as we both seem to be enjoying the feel of the roughness of it all*

Craig : *Your voice brushes over my mind for the briefest of moments before that touch is gone and the wolf has taken over again.* Love you, too... *I manage to pant out as you continue to drive into my body, the thrusts becoming more fevered as you come closer to your orgasm. My breathing comes out in pants and gasps as you hit my prostate with every thrust into my body. With the way that you have me pinned to the ground and your driving thrusts, there is no way for me to stroke myself. Though I don't think that is going to be a problem as your rough thrusts hit my prostate.* So close...so close....come on.... *I push my hips back, crying out as that takes you even deeper into me, clawing at the sand again.*

Elijah : *Another howl cuts through my body and I clamp tighter around you.. My hips now driving non stop against yours.. Seeking for one thing a release of hot liquid into your body.. faster now i press into your my front paws leave the ground and i ride up onto your back.. Driving deeper from that.. Over and over until I come with another howl of passion hard into your body.. I shift back and collapse against your back my body trembling from the orgasm that had ripped through me and spilled inside of you*

Craig : *Cries fall from my lips as you drive even harder into my body, the wet noise of your moving inside of me filling the air. I grunt as you press your paws on my back, slamming in harder than before, each thrust bringing a new cry from my lips. Another howl is torn from your lips as you spill yourself into my well fucked hole, collapsing onto me. My body gives under your weight collapsing under you as you tremble over me, no longer the wolf. When your orgasm calms I turn my head to look at you as you try to catch you breath, worried about the rapid change from your wolf form and back, ignoring my own need to come.* Elijah, love?

Elijah I panted softly as I clung to Craig. My knees had all but given out as I tried to sort myself out. The rush still blending pleasantly with the sound of waves and the smell of salt both from his skin and the sand that clung to us. Somewhere in the back of my mind was his voice asking if I was okay I had barely the energy to nod, I finally found my voice, trying to explain “I couldn’t keep the shape.” I felt his hand reach around and stroke over my leg. Still trembling I slid from his body. “That was .. crist that was hot lover.”

Craig "Yes, so hot... I'm yours...completely yours now." I groan at the loss of you as you pull out of my body, sliding to the sand. Though you have taken your human form again, I can still feel the wolf's fur on my back. My body is trembling from everything that happened, not believing that I was just fucked by a wolf. At the same time a thrill runs through me at that thought. I move towards you, wincing at the slight pain from being so brutally fucked. Stopping on a fours over you, I kiss over your neck. "You're so hot, love. Need you all the time..." My body is still trembling with the need to come as I lower over you, grinding my hard erection into you.

Elijah //Need you too lover// It was a good thing that I found you so irresistible, and that we had complete trust in each other, because from the moment that I had come inside of you I hadn’t been able to think.. Let alone move. Unresisting as you crawl over the top of me and slide inside so hard and so thick. Your teeth nibble on my neck and not even able to do much more than moan at the feeling. Everything felt like it was weightless and only the feel of sand under my back and you on top of me kept me from floating off. I could feel you inside of me moving but could not even lift my arms from my side to hold you. //crist.. lover.. if my heart and lungs stopped now I don’t think I could find it within my power to get them going again//

Craig I moan as I move into your body, even as you lie limp and unmoving below me. Normally I wouldn't do this, but I'm too far gone to care right now. The sound of you moaning below me just urges me on as I begin to pound into you, groaning as I press my hands deep into the sand on either side of you. "So, hot....so beautiful, love..." I pant out as I fuck you as hard as I can, your body shifting under me. I was already close from the fucking that you gave, that it doesn't take long for me to reach my orgasm. With a cry, I slam into your body one last time with all my weight behind it, coming in to you. My body trembles as I try to hold myself over you, but it isn't long before I slump onto you, gasping for breath. "Love you..."

Elijah I raise my arms as you collapse and wrap them, well more appropriately drape them, over your back, holding you against me. “Crist.. I am dead love.” I can feel the water lapping now at our feet the tide had begun to come in sometime during the night I realized. My lips move over you and I suck on the lobe as you lay heavy upon me. I wouldn’t trade this moment for anything. I feel you shift a bit and get comfortable and I look into your wonderfully blue eyes and give you a soft hazy smile. “I hope you realize how much I love you.”

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