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September 28th, 2004

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06:48 pm - Nc-17 warning
Reserves a spot for Elijah and Craig in a pre full moon dance.
Very! Very! heavily in the NC17 warning

Elijah : *Wearing nothing more than boxers I shut the curtains in my living room and slide open the bedroom door and creep in. Silent steps as I stealth fully stalk across the floor.. Searching for the body on the bed. I catch the scent of his skin in the darkened room and crawl onto the bed moving up between his legs. The soft sound of his breathing changes when the bed shifts under my weight and I capture his hands on either side of his body and press my weight down on him*

Craig : *I'm slowly coming out of my death-like sleep when I feel the bed shift under me. Slowly my breathing becomes more normal as I shift slightly on the bed. My eyes snap open in surprise, jolting me awake when my hands are pinned and someone presses against me. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light, but my senses pick up on who is in the room.* Elijah? *It takes me a moment to realize what is going on. It's near the full moon, you smell more woodsy and wolfish, giving me the hint.*

Elijah : Craig *i growl out your name as I lean down and bite along the muscles on your chest, I am already hard and feel it through my boxers. My fingers tighten around your wrists as I thrust them above your head.* i want you..*i nip lightly over a nipple drawing a bit of blood and licking over it carefully*

Craig : *I gasp as you bite at my chest, arching as much as I can towards you. You're hard and ready to go, not all that surprising this time of the month. I lick my lips as you keep my hands pinned above my head.* I'm here, love. You can do what you want... *A gasp falls from my lips as I twitch in surprise as you draw blood from my nipple. My eyes darken watching the sight of you licking up the small amount of my blood.*

Elijah : And I will too.. *I lean up to share the taste of blood, your blood with you driving my tongue past your lips and teasing over your teeth and then fangs catching it on the skin of my tongue so that it cuts deliciously. I groan softly as i taste the mingling of our scents before I pull back from you for a moment. My eyes still blue with the wolves needs riding below the surface.* I want you in the woods. I want to stalk you tonight. But first I want to fuck you until you can't see straight. *I put both of your hands into one and tear the sheet off your body knowing that you are naked underneath it. The fabric tears deliciously about you as one of my hands scratches along your pale skin.*

Craig : *I groan against your lips as your tongue is cut on my fangs as they become unsheathed from the scent of blood. The taste of your blood on my tongue, mingling with mine from your lips is too much. I need you now. As you pull back, I look into your blue eyes. I'm still able to see you in them even if they show some signs of your wolf in them. A shiver runs through me at the thought of running through the woods with you hunting me down. Never has the thought of something like that sounded erotic, but with you...it does.* Do what you want fuck me....fuck me hard, Elijah. *I gasp in surprise as you tear through the sheets and scratch my skin.* Careful there, love. *I tease gently, knowing that I could survive whatever you dish out to me tonight.*

Elijah : Careful. I will try.. God I love you.. *I pull down the top of my boxers not even bothering to take them off more than that..* but I cant help it I wanted you now. So bad, it aches.. * I push apart your legs and using only the blood from my mouth and your chest as the lubricant for my entry I push hard inside of you as my mouth comes down hard on your lips once again*

Craig : Take me Elijah. Get rid of the ache. *I growl out as I watch you struggle with being careful.* You don't have to be careful with me, love. I can take it. Make me bleed if you need to. *I watch as you slick yourself, moaning at the fact that you're only able to use blood for lube. My breath hitches as you push into me with no preparation. A wince comes to my face at the stretching sensation before I relax and kiss you just as eagerly and hungrily. //Take me, love. Make me scream...//*

Elijah : *"//yes.. i want you.. need you..it.. // I taking your tongue into my throat and echoing a moan with a voice of my own. I tease light strips of your skin with my fingers I let them roam up your body soon the smell of blood surrounds us both. I press upwards and rock down into your body with a heard thrust releasing your hands to run up my sides.. Long deep scratches appear on my skin and I dig my fingers into your chest. My cock throbs against you pushing in and pulling back before driving in once again.. Hard long thick strokes which pound into your body. The wolf lurks under the surface biting along your neck. Teasing over the marks.. my marks on your chest. We are smeared with our mingled blood from the scratches as I drive once again in your body*

Craig : *My body tenses and twitches at the feel of you digging and tearing into my skin, blood welling up to the surface and smearing between our bodies. Gasps and moans fall against your lips as you push as deep as you can into me. I watch you scratch and claw over your own skin through half-lidded eyes, licking my lips at the sight of your blood welling up on your pale skin. I have to pull back from your lips to cry out as you begin to pound into me, fingers gripping and tearing into me as you bite at my neck. The smell of our blood is driving me nearly as crazy as you, but I've had longer to work on controlling my bloodlust. This is about you. This is about taking yours and the wolf's needs.* Harder Elijah. I want to hurt, want to bleed...more. *I gasp out as I try to meet your driving thrusts into my body.*

Elijah : *The growl in the back of my throat deepens at your words and I thrust harder into your body. Love you.. love you.. the litany plays with the driving movements of my thrusts into your body My fingers clamp over your hips digging into them as I push deeper inside of you. love you.. Pulling all the way out and slamming back into you again to her you gasp and moan and squirm across the bed. I push your body forward til your hands reach near the brass frame of the bed.. I push your fingers through the bars and push your fingers around to grasp them.. love you love you.. I lift up on your ass then as push into you deeper driving with a need that fills my entire being with insane passions that tear inside of you*

Craig : *I cry out ever so often when you thrusts drive into me deeply and hit my prostate. Your thrust forces my body to shift over the sheets and my hands follow your guidance as you wrap them around the posts. Your thrusts drive into me harder than before as you lift my hips to take me deeper and deeper.* Elijah...gods...so good... *I watch your face watch as that need takes over and the wolf creeps to the surface for a moment before it's just you with the wolf still lurking.*

Elijah : *Gods I want you.. need this.. My body is flowing towards you with each driving stroke. My fingers work over your body as I trace the line of scratches with both my tongue and my hands..Lapping up the blood with a flick of my tongue even as I pound relentless into your lower body. I press against your prostate for a moment to hear the gasp of your throat... your throat.. with a driving need to pin you to the bedding my mouth comes down over your bared throat. //MINE// I bite down on the soft skin marking you as my own for the moment with my teeth.. A shift comes to my eyes and I have to shut them and drive the wolf back for a moment. Attempting to swallow the need.. and the desire to shift as I ravage your body. //YOU ARE MINE//*

Craig : *I moan and whimper under you as you pound into me, the sound of your thrusts and my sounds of pleasure filling the room. The sight of you lapping at my blood on my body is too much. Of all the times we've had mindless near the full moon this ranks as one of the top ones. My body arches under you and thrashes in surprise as you bite into my throat, almost hard enough to tear, a sound of surprise coming from my lips. //Yours, love....yours...// I manage to get out as I thrust my hips down on you, taking you deeper as I watch the wolf take you over and watch you fight to hold it back. //Harder. For the wolf...harder...it wants the pain.// I moan as you continue to pound on that spot that drives me mad.* So close...so close... *I whimper for you.*
Elijah : *Howling with a triumph when you say you are mine. I thrust against your prostate with a maddening pace.. My teeth continue to clamp over your neck and i keep from tearing deeply into the skin wanting just to hold you into place as I beat against your prostate now in short quick strokes. I release your neck and my eyes lock onto yours as I begin to come, not wanting to pull my eyes from your depths //gods bite me Craig please..//

Craig : *I make little gasping cries, finding it really hard to cry out with your teeth clamped down on my neck. My body lies pliant under you, letting you do what you want, let the wolf have what it wants. The thrusts into my willing body are bordering on being the kind of painful that isn't enjoyable, but don't say anything. You need this, the wolf needs this. I can feel your body tense before it begins to tremble as you begin to come. I nod my head as I look back into your eyes, swirling with your own blue and the amber of the wolf's. I release my hold on the frame of the bed with one hand and grab a handful of your hair, fangs unsheathing before I bite down onto your throat and moan deeply at the hot rush of your blood in my mouth.*

Elijah : *another howl splits the dark room* Ah Gods yes! *I come hard - trembling as you bite into my throat. The hot rush pouring onto you from both ends. The heat of my body pouring over yours as I tremble and still thrust into your body.. the thrusting movements coming slower now.. as i press against the prostate and i ride the wave of an orgasm over your body.. your body.. my eyes glass over as you feed on me.. the rush of blood being pulled from me nearly as hot as the sex itself. I reach a hand between us and clasp your cock as I let you feed*

Craig : *I moan against your throat at the feel of your release into my body. Even when you have finally come into my body, you still thrust into me as best as you can as your body trembles. I continue to feed from you, hand tightening in your hair as your hand wraps around my cock. My hips jerk into the grip of your hand. The feel of your blood spreading through my body is enough to bring me to the edge as my hips thrust into your hand. I tear my head from your throat, blood dripping down my chin, as my orgasm slams through me. Crying out, I arch under you as I come over your hand and between our bodies. When the waves of pleasure run their course through my body, I slump limply to the mattress under your body.*

Elijah : *I let my body slip from yours even as i collapse down on top you. Feeling the flush of heat that surges through your body as my blood is absorbed into your skin. I release your cock to move my hand to my mouth and suck off the sweet warmth of your juices. Tasting you. Capturing your scent with my tongue. Your hand still clenches into my auburn hair, teasing the ends; even as our heartbeats continue to pound in unison. Crist Craig..* i pant through my fingers* crist.

Craig *I moan as you slip out of me, hand still gripping your hair tightly. The sight of you licking my cum off your hand and fingers is hot as I lean in, flicking my tongue out over your fingers. My lips twitch into a smirk as your words come out in pants.* Yes, love. It was amazing. You were amazing. *I glance at you and see you in your eyes not the wolf....for the moment being.*

Elijah *I give you a soft smile as you tell me I am amazing. * I think it is both of us combined * Grinning broader I lean up to kiss over your lips and share the salty taste of you.* What a mess we are. *my fingers trace the fast healing marks on your skin and lap off some of the remaining bloodstains as I curl against your chest. The edge of my hunger sated for a moment as I gaze up into your face.* Well love shall we go for our hunt in the woods. While you smell all wonderfully bloody?

Craig Mmmm...yes. But you did most of the work, love. I just lied back and took it. *A soft moan falls from my lips as you kiss me, gifted with my taste on your lips. My eyes follow your fingers as the run over the scratches and tears in my skin, shivering as you lick at the remaining blood on my chest.* A mess, but a lovely mess. *I chuckle, wrapping my arms around you and kissing the top of your head. We relax for a few minutes letting the afterglow kick in for a little before I can feel that tension slowly come back into you. I run my hands over your back and nod.* I'm ready whenever you are love. If you would like, you can make me bleed to make it more interesting. *I lean in and nip at your lip.*

Elijah * growling softly as you bite into my lip. You can read me so well during this time. Though there is little to read other than the blood and sex lust that threatens to consume me. * Here we can make it fair since you outpace me with your speed * With a smirk I snap the handcuffs onto your wrists, knowing you could easily break them if need be. I lick over the cool metal and your skin now made warm from your short feeding on my blood, and from the touch of my burning flesh. I pull you up from the bed and onto your feet. My eyes dropping following the line of your body for a moment as I drop to my knees and clean your softened cock off with a soft stroke of my tongue. When you are properly groomed. I run my hands up the outside of your thighs and spin you around. Biting hard on your ass. Marking it possessively, the blood already beginning to flow down the sides.*
Now.. Run for me love. If I catch you. Then I get to top you from behind. If you can circle back and catch me from behind. Then I will let you ravish my body. As hard and as fast as you desire.
Craig *A smirk comes to my lips as you place the handcuffs on me that were originally bought for you. I give a small tug on the cuffs, knowing if I wanted to I could easily break out of them. My eyes darken as you lick over the metal and my skin, eyes rolled up to look at me as you do it.* You're going to be the death of me, love. *My voice comes out breathy as I'm tugged to my feet. A gasp of surprise falls from my lips as my hands immediately go to fist your hair as you clean my still sensitive cock.* Elijah... *My hands release your hair as you spin me around to bite my ass, again gasping in surprise. At your words, I look back over my shoulder at you and smirk.* You think you can catch me, love? If you want to ravish me you're just going to have to catch me. *And with that, I take off out of our place and into the woods behind the house. I weave between the trees and bushes, not caring or even bothering with the fact that I'm naked. Branches smack over my bare skin, bringing blood to the surface. Good. That will excite you even more //Catch me if you can lover.//*

Elijah : * I dropped my boxers the rest of the way off. And waited only for a second. And then he leaped down the stairs and was off. With a yelp of joy, I watched Craig sprint toward the woods. would it be fair to shift to chase after him.. Not really .. not with the handcuffs on him.. I could smell the blood from the bite on his ass and as I entered the woods I could smell the fresh scent in the branches of the trees where they had scraped against him.. The scent sending a shiver of lust down my spine as I began to track him through Karl's woods. Run.. I had said and he did it wonderfully well.. Splendid scents filled my nose.. the sweet smell of sweat and blood mingling with the spring foliage.. And I ran behind. Searching for the pale shape of my vampire. //my vampire .. my love// in the night*

Craig : *I continue to weave through the trees, being careful not to leave too much of a sign of where I had been while I was running through the woods. Your words reach me as I can sense you racing after me. My heart rate picks up at the thrill of this hunt, pumping your blood fast through my body. The thought of you hunting me down, to catch me and ravish me a second time for the night is too much. Though at the same time, catching you before you can catch me so that I can ravish you is also a hot thought. A smirk comes to my lips as I take a wide turn through the trees and begin to circle back towards the house, hoping to catch you from behind.*

Elijah : *I pause for a moment.. when i reach a spot where the scent trail stops..I look around.. up.. and follow the trail slightly back til i find where another trail split off. //tricky.. a rabbit wouldn’t do that// With a grin i take off down the new path.. stalking him slower as I seek for other forks that he created. The scent becomes fresher //mine// i give a howl of delight.. I am closer now.. I can taste his scent along my skin.. the scent of my blood mingling with his.. I add a fresh burst of speed when i reach the bend that leads me back toward the house.. I am near.. i can sense it.. My cock is hard at the thought of jumping on him in the dark and pushing him down onto the ground.. and pressing hard and deeply inside of him again*

Craig *I freeze when I hear your howl. You're closer than I expected you would be. Without anymore thoughts of how close you are, I give another burst of speed as I race through the forest. Again I take up the weaving through the trees, hoping to throw you off. My senses are able to pick up that you're not far behind me, able to sense your eagerness to catch me. I don't think I'm going to be able to catch you by surprise, this is your element. Your wolf is home here and is making this easier for you. Shaking my head continue to run towards the house, hissing as branch brings a cut across my cheek.*

Elijah The scent is nearer now and I duck beneath the lower hanging branches. Ah to run as the wolf and avoid the branches altogether, but that wouldn’t be fair. Everything is heightened I imagine I hear the sound of breath panting from lungs. Or is that just the wind. The whisper of a hiss of noise past teeth. Or is that my own skin slapping against the branches. I can taste your haste in my head and it stirs my blood to move faster. Bent on one thought now. Having you hot beneath my legs again.. One way or the other. You are moving toward the house, but I want you in the woods with you back pressed against the dried autumn leaves that still linger. Hair twisted amongst the spring flowers that find an opening in some of the woods. I dodge around a tree and catch the scent of fresher blood.. Soon now.. You are close. I can feel your skin across my flesh. And it sends another wave down my flesh. I spy a pale shape through the branches and dart forward blinded and running full tilt into..
Elijah Ioreth’s laundry hanging on the clothes line.
Craig *The sound of you struggling with the Ioreth's close line brings a smile to my lips. Exactly what I had wanted to happen. I quickly turn back towards you as you growl in frustration at the close line before tripping over something in the grass and sprawling to your back. Now's my chance! I race over to you, not wanting you to be able to struggle to your feet and race after me. Quickly I drop down next to you, lips pulled back in a predatory snarl. My hands that are still cuffed press on your chest, keeping you somewhat pinned.* I believe the tables are turned, love. It's my turn to ravish you. *I growl low in my throat and nip at your neck, wriggling a bit to move your legs apart.*

Elijah Will see about that love.. *But the strength and speed of a vampire is difficult to contend with. My eyes shine now with a blue fire of lust that increases even as you press down upon me. Still wanting to top you I struggle and attempt to flip you on your back. Your hands press down harder and my legs are thrust apart. I am losing the battle willingly or not. My hands dig into your skin in an effort to pull you towards me and another effort to roll you over. I wrap my legs around yours and my arms move to embrace you. But when you nip into my neck pinning me further to the ground. My legs spread wider apart to take. * ah.. crist.. Craig.. love.. now.. * I relax under his teeth and let him pin me to the ground my breath coming out in soft gasps and not just from the run through the woods, but from desire too*

*I smirk against your neck as I slip my cuff hands behind your head and around your neck.* Knew you would see it my way, love. *You spread your legs for me, making it easy for me to slip between them. I'm hard and ready for you, but there is no time for lube. Besides, with my hands in cuffs I can't do much about that. I nip at your neck again as I shift over you enough to tease over your entrance just to make you writhe and whine under me. The sight of you becoming worked up under me is too much.* Going to take you hard. You have anything against that...say so now. *When your only response is to growl at me, I take that as a sign to continue. With a grunt, I push into you hard and fast, body trembling as I pause for a moment before beginning a pounding rhythm into your more than willing body.*

Elijah “Yes..” You press my legs further apart and I no longer fight against you. My body already submitting to yours. The wolf is drawn in by the bites along the neck. Knowing that you are in charge. I nip into your lips as you press in and a whine leaves my throat. It hurts for a moment as you push in.. “So hard.. So big.. but gods so unbelievably wonderful too.” I press my lips tighter against yours trapped by the handcuffed wrists. I cling to your body trying to merge to you. But you press me down to the ground and begin to drive hard and deep inside of me. I am claimed entirely by you this near full moon night. Everything turns into a madness of passions as it flows through my body. Hunger. Need. Desire. Driven into the ground by the relentless thrusting of your body into mine. My hand dig into your skin and my back and hip arch to meet you. //mark me love, make me yours// My cock is already dripping against our skin as your stomach presses against it. My legs squeezing around you tighter as I am caught and consumed by the heat of a full moon fever.

Craig *I press kisses to your face as I take up the pounding rhythm into your body, before dropping my head to your shoulder. The sounds that you make below me are too much. Every whimper, moan, growl, and groan just makes me drive harder into you. My thrusts seem to drive you harder and deeper into the ground, my arms tightening behind your head.* So good... *I breathe out against your neck as you begin to try and meet my thrusts into your body. Mark me. Make me yours. Those words echo in my mind as I lift my head from your shoulder to look into your glazed over eyes.* MINE *With that I bite down on your throat, no fangs. This way you will have a gorgeous bruise that will last for a good part of a week. You make strained noises as I bite down hard enough that there is a small amount of blood coming to the surface. I can feel your cock dripping between our bodies, but with my hands cuffed behind your head I can't touch you. Pressing closer to your body, I make sure that with every pounding thrust into your body my stomach is rubbing against your cock.* So good, love....so good....

Elijah : *your teeth clamp down on my neck in response to my urgent plea to be marked by you. it is wonderfully seductive and I press tighter against your body. You ride me hard and faster and your pace increases and leaves me panting against your chest. The ground pushes into my back and instead of your hair filling with the autumn leaves it is mine, but I dont mind.. All that is important is that it is you at the moment, you .. driving into me.. taking possession of my wolf.. making him submit, for the moment. My hips rise in response to that thought and it pushes my cock harder against your stomach as another whimper escapes my mouth. //Yours// the bite is deeper now and i feel the blood trickle down my throat. //Heart.. soul.. mind.. // I squeeze a hand across your ass and push the other between my sweat soaked body and your cooler one and clasp my cock trying to keep from coming too soon.

Craig : *My hips slam into your, the sound of our skin smacking together filling the night air. I pull back from your neck only to look down at you, your eyes completely glazed over as you move under me and make delicious noises. The sight of you giving in to me completely, excepting the fact that you're mine is too much. My hips drive into you even harder, causing you to shift about on the ground as you grab at my ass. Leaning down, I nip at your lips as my tongue flicks out over them.* So beautiful when you give in... *My muscles ripple as I put all of my strength and weight into the thrusts, reminding you whose you are.* Come for me...I want to see you come undone...

Elijah : *Trembling as I hear your words. * please Craig.. *I tighten my hand around my cock and begin stroking it between us. The head of it brushes against your skin and I gasp at the sudden touch. Your hands steal into my hair and i know that the hand cuffs are now in separate pieces. It is easier now and I push up into my hand as you continue to pound into my body.. Each stroke now driving into my body.. and against my prostate. I lean forward and bite into your shoulder trying to keep myself from crying out aloud.. But you don’t allow that.. You pull back tearing the skin clenched between my teeth and I yell out your name even as I come flowing hard, thick and trembling over my hand and your stomach*

Craig : *I can't help but wince the slightest bit as you tear my skin, feeling my blood run from the wound. It only takes a few more well placed thrusts before you are crying out my name and coming hard between the two of us. I moan as your body tightens and spasms around me as you go through your orgasm. My hips continue to drive into your limp and sated body until the familiar feeling builds up in my lower stomach.* Love you... *I gasp out before my orgasm slams through me, crying out your name as I come violently into your stretched and well-fucked hole. My body trembles over you as I ride the waves of pleasure before slumping onto you, gasping and panting for breath.*

Elijah : Love you too.. *I gasp through my panting breath, as you continue to pound into me. for a moment until you start flowing inside of me and I ride the river of our orgasms. I find our lips pressed against each other for a moment as we ride the shuddering crest of the wave. Wet and sticky you slide in side of me and for a few moments we lay in each others arms neither of us speaking as we await the return of a regular heartbeat. * Love you *I press my lips against your damp forehead and lick the salt from off it as your hands clasp over my shoulders and hold me close. *

Craig : *I smile as you press your lips to my forehead, turning my head to nuzzle at you.* Love you, too. *I kiss your lips softly as I stay inside of you, enjoying the feel of being completely connected to you. My breathing and heart rate slowly return to normal as I lay over your body, nuzzling and kissing you.* Love you so much. So wonderful, love. *I gaze into your eyes as they are yours again, no wolf, just you.* I love you and your insane needs around the full moon. *I chuckle as my hands grip at you tightly and pull you as close as possible, enjoying you with me.*

Elijah : *grins* Well the insane needs comes with the territory love. *I give you another smile and curls up against you resting my hands against your chest lightly teasing over the scratches in your skin, breathing in the soft scent. I peer into your face and chuckle slightly at the dirt that marks your cheek.* Am I as dirty as you are love?

Craig : *I watch you hand move over my chest, over the healing scratches. A contented sigh escapes my lips as you touch me lovingly. I laugh as you ask how dirty you are, hand running over my dirt streaked cheek.* Mmm...you're quite dirty after me getting to you... *I chuckle as I run a hand through your dark hair, releasing it of the leaves that have become tangled in it.* But dirty in a good way. *I have to add as I place a soft and loving kiss on your lips.*

Elijah : Well that’s a good thing.. Though it was suppose to be you getting your backside all dirty, cant say that I mind a bit though which ever way it worked out. *I lean up to meet your kiss* Do you suppose Ioreth is going to get upset with me for tearing down her clean clothes line? *i snuggle against your chest and sigh a happy contented sigh.* It really was fun.. even without the fruit filling

Craig : Mmmm...well, next time you chose to hunt me you're just going to have to try harder to outwit me. *I tease as I run a hand through your hair as you rest your head on my chest.* I don't think that she will mind. She seems to like. I don't think she'll beat you with a broom or something for running into it. You could always tell her why and I think she'll leave it alone. * I run my hands over your back, nuzzling into the side of your head.*We'll just have to use fruit filling next time, love. *I joke, kissing the top of your head.*

Elijah : *Chortles* I don’t think I will explain tooo much to her about why the clothes are on the ground. She may not want to hear all the details behind that. *chuckling at the thought* No.. she definitely wouldn’t want to hear the details. *I slip my hands down over your body* crist you make me feel so good Craig.. So good.. and so safe.

Craig : I think she would become very frightened by the details and worry about the two of us and our sick perversions. *I joke and nuzzle at you. A smile comes to my lips as a happy sight falls from my lips.* You are safe Elijah. No one will hurt you anymore as long as I am around. *I give you a kiss, pouring my emotions into it before pulling back and smiling at you.* I love you... *I chuckle and then ruffle your hair.*

Elijah : Well that’s a good thing. *Smiling up at you as we kiss again.. wonderfully feeling the warmth of it flow around me.*I need a keeper sometimes and you seem to make a pretty fine one at that. And the fringe benefits are pretty slick too. *i peer up into the emotions displayed on your face.* well he is gone.. They hid him somewhere and Karl said Robert high tailed it from the kennel, and then there is you to keep me safe at night.. Yep.. *i kiss lightly over your chin and down your neck* I am lucky to be in love with you.

Craig : *I smirk at you, an eyebrow arching.* I'm hoping that you're lucky. Would be very sad if you didn't think that. *I chuckle as I nip at you before letting you kiss my chin and over my neck. With a sigh, I give you a squeeze.* As much as I enjoy laying here with you like this...damn is approaching soon. We should go inside, love. *I kiss your cheek before standing and reaching down to pull you up with me.*

Elijah : Ah.. *grinning as I let you pull me to my feet.* 'Side one of us needs a bath. *I move against you and rest my hands on your hips as I pull you against me. My lips playing over your skin. Giving you a soft grin for a moment and snagging your hand.* I love you, my beautiful blue eyed Vampire.

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