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Shades of Gray

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September 26th, 2004

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05:30 pm

Elijah: *I am sitting on the front porch soaking in the sunshine. Wishing that I could go into town. But I can't do that without Craig or Karl as a driver. And Karl and John are busy doing my work, and Craig is asleep and I am about ready to pull my hair out with being bored. While I sit there I notice the familiar sportscar enter the driveway. The one that Ewan had given to Monica along with his shop when he ventured back to Underhill.* OH.. * maybe she would let me go into the woods with her and scavange up some stuff for the shop. That wouldnt be to strenuous. Though without Karl and Craig mothering over me and if I dont say anything. Perhaps she wont notice the broken rib and actually let me join her.*

Monica: *I park the car and get out, smiling at Elijah* Hi. *sitting next to him* How are you feeling?

Elijah: Better...*That was the truth at least, It hurt less after a week of attempting to stay in bed like Doctor London said. but still.. * Bored... Am very glad you came to visit. *I squeeze your hand lightly as you sit next to me.* would you like some tea and cookies? Ioreth made it this afternoon *as an attempt to keep me in one spot for more than a few minutes.

Monica: *nods* I would like that. *smiles* They are keeping you confined to the house?

Elijah: *Sighing* Yes.. Sorta. They wont let me Do anything. I can't help with the spring feedings. I cant help in the barn.. I cant ride my bike into town. So yeah I am sorta confined here at the ranch for the moment.. But luckily not in the house and no longer just to my bed.. Though.. that was fun for a few days. *I pour you a drink and add some of the ice.* Are you here to find some more stuff for the shop? Perhaps I can help you do that.

Monica: *nods* I would like that. *smiles* They are keeping you confined to the house?

Elijah: *Sighing* Yes.. Sorta. They wont let me Do anything. I can't help with the spring feedings. I cant help in the barn.. I cant ride my bike into town. So yeah I am sorta confined here at the ranch for the moment.. But luckily not in the house and no longer just to my bed.. Though.. that was fun for a few days. *I pour you a drink and add some of the ice.* Are you here to find some more stuff for the shop? Perhaps I can help you do that.

Monica: *nods, taking the glass* Thanks. You can help if you like. I'll just be around the area. The woods hold treasures many people find beautiful, so I was thinking of gathering a few of those.

Elijah: I can help you do that. Craig won't get too mad at me for gathering in the woods. If someone went with me. What are you looking for? Rocks and things. There was some malachite and azurite at the shore perhaps we can find some bigger pieces on Karl's property..

Monica: *nods* We can go whenever you feel ready. *squeezes his shoulder*

Elijah: *turns and hugs you in thanks and finishes my tea* I am ready now.. If you had stopped by a week ago I would have been ready .. Though.. Craig wouldnt have let me go.

Monica: *smiles* Which was right at the time. You seem to be healing well, though. *leads him out to the forest* Now, be sure to tell me if you get tired or need anything.

Elijah: I will. I promise. *that or hide it better than i did with Ioreth. I grin as we walk out toward the woods. The smell of moss and ferns underneath a wonderful thing* So what are we looking for? What do you need in your shop?

Monica: *eyes him and continues on* I need to gather more precious stones, as those seem to be popular. Also, anything unique you may find here.

Elijah: Okay *gives you a grin *it's nice to see you come through that madness unharmed.

Monica: It was rather harrowing. I wasn't in much danger, though, compared to the rest of our company. *tugs him gently into a hug* I'm glad you are recovering well.

Elijah: Of course I am. *hugging you back* the bruises and bites are nearly all faded now

Monica: *smiles* You do seem to recover quickly. Are you still in any pain?

Elijah: No.. well not at the moment at least. Only if I reach wrong or pick something .. heavy.. up does it still hurt. *chuckles* it is one of the advantages of being a werewolf. Allows me to heal faster then normal. But it is not right away like a vampire does.

Monica: *smiles* That does seem an advantage. *pets his hair* Are you well enough to transform again?

Elijah: Sure.. *chuckles* at the end of the month it will come whether I am well enough or not.. Actually for running.. It is easier when I am in wolf form.. The rib doesn't hurt nearly as bad in that shape.. Must be the structure of the wolves body.

Monica: *nods* Likely. *hums lightly and enters the woods, looking around carefully*

Elijah: So we are looking for gemstones? New Zealand has Azurites and Malachites. I found some at Christmas time. It is said to help improve memories .Maybe I should have kept a piece or two for myself.

Monica: *smiles* Those sound good. Where are they likely to be found?

Elijah: They are pretty easy to find. Noticable too. You usually find them together, mixed in with copper fragments. *eyes searching the ground for a rocky spot* Azurite is blue. I mean really vibrant blue in color and malacite is green..

Monica: *nods* I've seen them. I didn't know you could find them here, though. *goes looking for rocks*

Elijah: *grins and looks up at you* yup here and in Aussie land too. The aborigines like the native american indians uses to grind the blue down to use it to paint with

Monica: Oh, how interesting! *thinks back, leaning against a tree* I don't think we ever used paint-type materials in the old days... We didn't have much that we could grind into powder to make paint.

Elijah: *Sits on the ground and starts digging and sifting through the rocky soil.* Oh? and I thought rocks were used and plants for some colorings. If you boil certain plants they make yellows and browns mostly. Blue dyes were rare though.

Monica: We had plants, yes. We used them for dying cloth, mostly. People were generally busy trying to survive back then.

Elijah: True that.. Though I must say the pottery that you find.. *brain clicks* In the cave. I was there with Paris. The day that Robert drugged us.. There was an area that we accidently fell into and there was pottery in the cave.. *smile broadens* I remember Monica.. Maybe Karl is right. Maybe my memory can come back in more than just dreams.

Monica: Good! *hugs him gently* Just give it a little time. You will remember.

Elijah: *rocks back happily on my heels* I am not sure I want to remember everything that has happened to me. But there are moments that I would like to recall more of.

Monica: Well, I'm not sure if you can control what you do and don't remember, but perhaps your memories can help us determine what happened.

Elijah: *digs down into the earth further* That would be great. Perhaps it would help David figure out how to break the connection between Doctor Walker and I.

Monica: That would be wonderful. *sits on the ground and helps him dig, pulling stones out and showing him*

Elijah: Oh that's a good one. *taps on one of the stones.* Since you got both of them blended together there.. I think I like those the best.. loyalty balanced with leadership..

Monica: *smiles* What other qualities can stones have?

Elijah: hope.. happiness. *grins* harmony.. * I hold out the two around my neck* Protection.. *chortles* fidelity.

Monica: Ahh. *smiles at him, then digs through the earth again*

Elijah: *brings out another small stone and hands it to you* what will you make with them in your shop?

Monica: I'm not sure yet. *puts it in a small sack she brought with her* We'll see when I get back. *smiles*

Elijah: maybe i can help you in the shop.. no.. wait.. I'm not supose to drive to town yet.

Monica: I can pick you up once in a while, if you'd like that. It isn't too far.

Elijah: *Gives you puppy dog eyes* Please..

Monica: *smiles* Any time. Just give me a call.

Elijah: *grins* I can call you then and at least help you out around the shop since Karl is keeping me on a short leash around this place. we could make blue green dolphins out of the stones we found and perhaps go to the beach and gather up some glass roses out of the sand.

Monica: That sounds like a good idea. *smiles* Tomorrow, then?

Elijah: That would be so great.. And *grinning broadly* will keep me out of trouble too

Monica: *grins* Yes. Where I can keep an eye on you.

Elijah: *Chortles* what you too? *I dig down further in to the ground searching for more of the stones*

Monica: Of course me, too! *hugs gently and helps continue looking*

Elijah: *I give her a kiss on the cheek* Aww you are just in love with a little white terror of a wolf pup. *I grin remembering a bit of playing in the snow with you just a few moons back* Have you seen Livvie yet? She is staying up at Karls. Heck half the known universe is staying at Karl's I find it rather amusing.

Monica: I have not been to see her, no. I thought she needed space and time.

Elijah: Well. We dont want her closing up on herself. She might decide to leave or something. We cant have that.. 'Sides who would I buy fish food from if not our Livvie

Monica: *small smile* True. I'll visit her tomorrow. I could bake something for her. Do you know what she would like?

Elijah: Cookies.
Elijah: Well I like cookies. That means everybody likes cookies
Elijah: and if you bake her cookies then i can eat some of them

Monica: *giggles* I'll make you a batch of cookies, then. And perhaps a small cake for Liv...

Elijah: Yay! *bounces once and the decides that hurts too much at the moment and stop* I mean that cake would be good for her. Sunshine and happy lemon cake

Monica: *nods* Lemon cake it shall be, then. *pets his hair* Be careful, dear.

Elijah: No worries. It doesnt hurt for very long. *usually* It's a good thing werewolves heal quickly. I would go stir crazy if it was a full 16 weeks of
not being able to do anything

Monica: How long did they say to stay calm?

Elijah: *thinks* Just for a month.. Long enough to keep it from getting jarred again

Monica: *nods* Then you should stay still for that month so it won't trouble you in the future!

Elijah: *sticks my tongue out* But what fun is that? i am staying still... *hee* kinda

Monica: Oh, I know you well enough to know that is only partly true, Elijah.

Elijah: I will have you know *chortles* the Kinda part is true

Monica: Mm. *pets* You should do as Karl and the others tell you so you can heal better and faster.

Elijah: *pouts* but then I would just be laying down *whines* the day would be soooooooo long if i did that

Monica: You could read? Or work a little on your stones.

Elijah: *smiles up at you * and thats why you are taking me into town tomorrow. So that i can work on the stones in Ew- your shop.

Monica: Of course. *smiles* Let me gather a few more stones, and then we can go back inside, all right?

Elijah: *nods almost sleepily* Maybe I wil lay down for a moment while you gather the last of them up. *i run my fingers lightly over the ground and
then stop.. * if you dig here you can find a whole bunch of them

Monica: *nods* Thank you. You rest while I finish this. *digs for more stones, placing them in her bag*

Elijah: *I lay down on my side with my head resting on my arms watching as she pulls the stones out of the ground, my eyes half closing* tell me about yourself Monica. What is speacial about the rain.

Monica: The rain, hmm? Well. *sits back against a tree, breathing in deeply* I cannot describe it. It's like the water is part of me, part of my soul
and being. Or perhaps more like I was made from it.

Elijah: *nodding almost to myself* I think i feel that way with the stones sometimes. Like if you listen deep enough. You could discern a speech pattern.. and if you are able to do that then suddenly thy have a voice. Ewan thinks dad was an earth elemental. So perhaps pne or both of your parents come from a water elemental too. do you remember your parents?

Monica: *shakes her head* I don't recall ever having parents. It has been too long...

Elijah: Oh *Sadly* I would hate forgetting about mine. Dad and I went hiking a time or two. Sorta did some rock climbing. We would go out for several days when he was in town. Those times stand out more than me and mum's doings, I mean she was always there..so i remember dad coming home more than I remember mum .

Monica: You are but a child. After living for centuries, old memories start blurring together and finally become extremely vague, or are lost.

Elijah: Oh. *thinks tiredly about that* then maybe I don't need to regain the memories of the kennel, but if i hadnt of.. Then i would have forgotten totally about Hugh

Monica: *nods* All right. *pets his arm and continues gathering stones. When she's found enough, she shakes his shoulder gently* Elijah? Are you ready to go inside?

Elijah: *blinking bleary eyed up at her I give her a nod and smile that slips into a huge yawn.* Sorry about that.. did you find plenty of stones? Will help you tomorrow and we can make blue dolphins together.

Monica: Absolutely. *smiles and helps him up* Here. Lean on me. *wraps an arm around his waist*

Elijah: *Droops against her* are you sure you can hold me up?

Monica: Of course I can. I could likely carry you, if needed. You're a tiny thing. *squeezes gently and helps him back to the house*

Elijah: hey i am not so little.. why i am taller than Billy. By a whole two maybe two and a half inches...*Smiles at that and then notices the direction that we are heading..* Oh.. the stable.. Craig and I have a flat above the stable..

Monica: Will you be able to climb up there?

Elijah: *nods* There is stairs up to it. *I give you a kiss on the cheek* dont be a stranger and dont forget to come pick me up tomorrow.. even if you have to break down the door in order to wake me up..

Monica: *giggles* Don't worry, you will definitely join me in the shop tomorrow. *kisses his head and shoos him up* Be careful now!

Elijah: No worries. *I give you a sleepy grin as I go on up* its only a short flight of stairs. "Sides doctor London would be terribly angry with Craig if he had to reset my rib bone again. Think we would be doing things we werent suppose to.

Monica: *smiles* Sleep well, my dear.
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