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September 22nd, 2004

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10:42 pm - Elijah/Craig and Billy/Dom

Elijah : I know what I must do. but I am afraid to do it.. I stared up at the ceiling above my head. Apologize to them both was Karl's advice. I feel Craig’s movement on the bed. *evening love.

Craig : I glance over at Elijah, smiling at him as I pull him closer. "Hello love." I nuzzle into him, glad to have him here. There is a distance about him, causing me to pull back and look at him. "You okay?"

Elijah : *nuzzles you back* Sure.. Kinda.. You remember I told you about the run with Billy and how I sorta came onto him during the full moon? Karl said I need to apologize to him and Dom.. Would you go with me?

Craig : I raise my eyebrow at that, an almost amused look coming to my face. "Karl told you to apologize?" I shouldn't find that amusing but I do. A sigh falls from my lips before I nod. "I'll go with you. Are we leaving now?"

Elijah : *I kiss you and crawl onto you* it's either go now or I will shag you into the bed first.

Craig : I laugh at you, pulling you to me and placing a kiss to your temple. "As much as I like the idea of you shagging me, we should get going." I nod and gently move you off of me so that we can both get ready.

Elijah : Well help me get dressed then.. It hurts to bend over still *fumbling for my jeans and t-shirt on the chair*

Craig : I slide off of the bed, coming over to you and helping you step into your jeans. Once that is accomplished, I make sure you can get your shirt on without any pain before going to pull on my own jeans and shirt.

Elijah : Thanks love. *i tug on my shirt. Forgoing the t-shirt instead for something that buttons instead deciding that pulling the t-shirt over my head would hurt* well. I am ready

Craig : I finish tugging my own shirt on and smile at you. "Alright, then. We driving or walking, love?" As I talk to you, I begin the quest of looking for my keys.

Elijah : Driving. They live in town. The keys are on the kitchen table. *I slide into a pair of flops instead of trying to figure out how to put on shoes.* There presentable enough hopefully we wont run into anyone questioning flip flops in the winter. *I snuggle up beside you in the car* They live up on water crest

Craig : I chuckle at you as I get the car into gear and follow your directions to their place. With you snuggled close to me, it's hard to keep my eyes on the road as I want to look at you next to me. Soon we're pulling up to the apartment that you have directed me to. I park the car and turn it off, turning to you before getting out of the car. "You ready?"

Elijah : *I lean against you and give you a kiss and squeeze your hand lightly* As ready as I am ever going to be.. *I eye the apartment nervously.* They are both going to kill me.

…. Dom : Ouch! Ohy, Bills scoot over a bit *shifting under you, trying my best to get comfortable and not lose contact with you* Move, I can't see * trying to get a clear view of the television, nerves on end as Rudd dribbles down the field*

Craig : I sigh and kiss you back, ruffling your hair before starting to get out of the car. "I'll be there to stop anyone from killing you." I snicker as I wait for you to get out of the car, so I can lock up before heading to their apartment.

…. Billy : *I roll my eyes as I completely slide off of you onto the floor next to the couch, arms crossed across my bare chest.* Can you see better now, Dominic?

Elijah : *chortles and presses you against the car for a moment after I get out* Thanks for coming with me.

…. Dom : Yes, yes I can *sitting up and placing a leg on either side of you, hands finding your shoulders and kneading into the sea of skin before me, my eyes still glued on the screen. I begin bouncing in my seat when Manchester crosses the into the penalty box, jumping up when they take a shot* HEY!... SHITE *the ball bounces off the keeps hands and over the net* Bloody hell. *sitting back down and continuing to massage your shoulders and back*

Craig : I smirk at you as I'm pressed against the car, kissing you before gently pushing you away. "Sure thing, love. Now let’s get our asses in there so that you can get this over with and not get yourself so damned worked up.

Elijah : *tucking my hand into your back pocket as we go to the door* It's too late for that, I am nervous as heck. *Chuckles* do I look okay.. Contrite enough? *I give you a grin and knock on the door*

[ Elijah : bah.. door knocking.. *pushing Craig against the door bell of the apartment and listen to it chime continuously as I grind my hips against him* ]

…. Billy : *Just barely keeping in a giggle at your enthusiasm, but the instant your hands find my shoulders again, I lay my head back into your lap, eyes closed now, content to just listen to the game, letting loose a moan to let you know I'm enjoying it. My head lifts from your lap as I hear the knock on the door.* I'll get it. *Standing and heading across the room, pulling open the door.*

Elijah : *Steps back against Craig nervously when the door opens up and giving you a nervous smile* H-hello Billy

Dom : *doesn't even blink at the knock, using the vacated space before me to scoot forward, closer, eyes glued on the game* Come on you fucking gobbshite! Block the ball! *yelling at the players*

Billy : *I can't help the nervous flutter in my stomach as I see the familiar face standing in the hall. For a second I do nothing, frozen, then force a smile.* Hi, Lij. *Searching for a cover* You didn't call or anything, I wasn't expecting you. *Standing back from the door.* Come on in.

Craig : I glance between the two and when Elijah doesn't make a move to go in, I give him a playful push inside. "Well? He's letting you in..." I chuckle at him.

Dom : *screaming from the living room* PASS IT! COME ON! *standing up, getting totally into it* HE'S WIDE OPEN! SHOOT IT!

Billy : *Sighing and chuckling lightly.* Eh, you'll have to excuse Dom. He loves his football games.

Elijah : *I stumble into the room with a blush.* I should have called I suppose first but.. well.. *I grin for a moment.* Karl calls me reactive. * I glance at the living room where Dom sits* So I just sorta showed up.

Billy : *I move back to the couch and pick up my shirt that dropped over the arm an hour or so ago when Dom and I decided to get close and comfy, pulling it back on over my head.* Ah, don't worry about it, I wouldn't have opened the door if we were doing anything disturbable. *Glancing over at my Dom and raising my eyebrows with a grin.*

Craig : I follow inside, an amused look on my face at the sound of Dom's outbursts. As Elijah fumbles over his words I lean back and watch, doing what I had told him...going to make sure nothing happens.

Billy : Shut off the television, Dom, we have company.

Dom : *making a small muling sound of sadness when I notice Billy putting his shirt back on. I'm about to protest when I notice two other figures moving about... Game. Company. Game. Compay... shite....* Hey *taking the remote and turning it off, but none to happily*

Elijah : Craig this is Billy. *surprised when Dom shuts off the TV. And waits for the explosion* and Billy this is Craig. *I turn to introduce him to Billy* He was sleeping the last couple of times you came up to Karl’s

Dom : *turning to fetch my own shirt and slipping it on before turning and finally realizing who’s in our apartment. I stiffen immediately, eyes dashing between Billy and Elijah. I swear, one move and I won’t be held accountable for my actions*

Craig : I smile at Billy and hold my hand out to him. "Nice to meet you." I catch movement out of the corner of my eyes and notice the other one, Dom. He's the one I'm going to have to watch...

Billy : *Smiling and trying to ignore Dom's reaction to our guests. Reaching a hand forward to shake Craig's.* you as well.

Elijah : *I look at Billy and give him a little smile* Can we sit down.. *Nervously looking about* this is hard standing in the entranceway. I promise we won’t be long.

Dom : *walking up behind Billy and lacing an arm about his waist. My last two experiences with Elijah were not good, and I'm not too happy about this visit either* Aye, you may sit...

Billy : *Nodding and motioning to the couch and futon set up perpendicular to each other in the living room.* Oh, of course, make yourselves comfortable. *A pause* Can I get either of you something to drink?

Craig : I take a seat on the couch with Elijah, shaking my head at the offer. "I'm fine. I'll get something to eat later."

Elijah : *//a huge bottle of whisky would be nice// I think to Craig with a smile before shaking my head no and leading him to the couch*

Billy : *Moving away from Dom, brushing at his hand as a signal to follow me, to take a seat on the folded up futon.* Alright then, to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?

Dom : *following Billy and sitting next to him, closer than is really necessary. Craig is here and I don't know why Elijah would try anything, but I'm still wary*

Elijah : *My shoulder wrapped up protectively by Craig as I look at Billy and Dom and realize how hard all this is to say.* I talked to Karl a few days after the full moon. *flushing red* And he agreed that I should talk to you.. I want to apologize for what I did.

Dom : *facial expression not changing, waiting to see what else you will say*

Billy : *Surprised but also touched by the heart-felt apology and the effort put into it.* Aw, you came over here just to apologize?

Elijah : Yes. Well I did have Craig drive. I would have come over here earlier but I wasn't allowed to. *I look down at my hands in my lap for a moment. * I hadn’t meant to .. um.. Make a pass at you.. It just sorta happened. *turning redder* and I shouldn’t have done it. I know to avoid people during that time.

Billy : *Smiling* Ah, Lij, no harm done. *Turning to Dom* See? What did I tell you?

Dom : *listening quietly, placing a hand on Billy's thigh and holding fast* Aye... *it's all I can say. I'm still hurt, that after all I told Elijah about my past that he'd do this to you... he knows how I feel about those things*

Billy : *Frowning at Dom's reaction.* Actually, Lijah, you don't know what you did for me and Dom. *Searching for Dom's gaze, trying to lock eyes.*

Elijah : *I see the hurt expression cross Dom's face. And a wave of guilt comes over me and I have to swallow and look away * I'm sorry, that’s why I cam here to apologize to both of you, not just to Billy

Dom : *I keep staring at Elijah, my eyes having left him the entire time, I don't notice Billy trying to get my attention, nor his words*

Elijah : *cringes back slightly from the expression in his eyes. If I had been in wolf form I would have already been on the floor. I huddled a bit more closely to Craig.*

Billy : *Becoming a bit frustrated at Dom's ignorance, I try to brush it off.* My point is, Lij, I really have to thank you. What you did may have been wrong but if you hadn't done it, it would have taken so much longer for Dom and me to realize what we needed to.

Craig : My arms tighten around Elijah as I watch the way Dom is watching him, a warning look flashing in my eyes. I really don't want anything to happen.

Elijah : *i turn my eyes back to Billy* what did you two realize?

Dom : *When Elijah climbs back further into Craig, I begin to relax a bit, my grip on Billy's leg lessening. My eyes finally dart over to Billy, expression softening immediately, heart warming at his profile. I can't help the smile that curls my lips as I nuzzle his cheek* How much he means to me...

Billy : *Smiling and closing my eyes at the warm contact, leaning into Dom, nodding.*

Elijah : So he realized that he loved you. I knew that the minute I saw the bite marks on you, Billy.

Billy : *Smiling at Elijah's comment, then turning to look at Dom with a "See?" expression.*

Dom : *ignoring Billy's look, turning to eye Elijah's again* Don't touch him like that ever again... *not being rude, just offering a warning* Because I won't be responsible for my actions.

Craig : I give a small smile to Dom, flashing a bit of fang. "And if you touch Elijah, hurt him....I won't be held responsible for my actions." There. An answering warning to his.

Elijah : I won't. He's been marked by an alpha. *I squeeze Craig's hand softly in thanks*

Billy : *Turning my head to eye Craig. Though I don't say anything, my gaze holds a sort of... how would you describe it? A "Yeah, and I can crush your head into the pavement with one stomp" sort of gaze. Surprised at my own flash of anger, I take a deep breath to calm myself.*

Dom : *my eyes gleam at Craig's response, shifting a bit to the piercing devilish eyes of the jackal*

Elijah : Seeing the flashes in each others eyes* Don't.. please.. I am sorry. I want you to friends.

Craig : I take no heed at the look in their eyes. It was merely a warning, nothing more. I shrug to myself as I turn to Elijah, keeping my emotions reined in. I haven't fed yet tonight. The smallest thing could set me off.

Dom : *taking a few deep breaths. I can tell I'm going to need some time to shift and run about after they've gone. But for Billy's sake, I try my best to keep myself together for now*

Elijah : *//Please Craig for me.//* Really I hadn't meant to harm Billy. And *I turn back to Dom* And I didn’t mean to hurt you Dom.

Dom : *I nod in acknowledgement* Forgiven... Just don't do it again Elijah... I'm not sure your alpha would like that too much *smirk showing on the corner of my lips as I begin to calm down, ignoring Craig for the moment*

Craig : I calm myself down, nodding at Elijah. //For you, love.// Slowly I calm down, but continue to watch Dom ever so often.
Elijah : Crist, no. I definitely won't do it again with either of you. Heck if I could control myself during the full moon, Craigy would be the only one I would let around me. *I feel the pressure of the room ease a bit //thank you love // *

Dom : Maybe Craigy should keep better care of you. *raising an eyebrow*

Billy : *Frowning and giving Dom an elbow in the ribs.* Cut it out.

Dom : *hand flying to my side and rubbing rib* Ouch... *giving Billy a mock hurt look*

Elijah : mmm *Leaning against Craig* well for 27 days of the month he does wonders.

Craig : I snarl at that, fangs bared as my eyes flash black for a moment. "How I take care of Elijah and what we do is of none of your concern..."

Dom : *standing suddenly, blocking Billy from Craig* It is when it concerns my Billy... *possessiveness burning in my eyes*

Elijah : *standing suddenly and with a flash of pain across my face for a moment and working my way up painfully between the two. Pleading* please don't..

Billy : *Decided it's time I took a step in to cool things down, I stand and take Dom by the arm, shooting him a "Don't you DARE open your mouth again, Dominic Bernard Patrick Luke Monaghan!"*

Billy : *Turning to Craig and Elijah with an apologetic but firm look.* I'm sorry about Dom. *Tightening my grip on his arm.* He doesn't know when to shut up. *Making my words harsh and widening my eyes at Dom for emphasis.*

Dom : *looking at Billy momentarily, ignoring his death grip before my eyes zoom back and focus in on Craig, daring him to make the slightest move*

Elijah : *Standing between Craig and Dom, hugging my chest with one arm* I didn't mean for this to cause a fight *I turn my back on Billy and Dom and look up at Craig, my hands going about his waist as I look into his eyes. I can see him glaring at Dom still. *Come on Craig.. Look at me.. Dom didn’t mean anything by that. He was just joking.

Dom : *Joking? Ha... that's bollocks... I swallow my pride for Billy, whose grip has tightened* Sure, why not. Just joking. *trying to smile, it coming out more as a smirk*

Craig : I continue to watch Dom, tense and ready for a fight. Elijah's words don't really reach me as I slowly nod and take a step back, not taking my eyes off the other man.

Elijah : *Softly* Craig please. I came here to apologize not to start another disagreement.

Dom : Yeah... you wouldn't want to upset your lover, would you *raising an eyebrow*

Craig : My eyes narrow at Dom, taking that step forward again as my hands clench at my side.

Billy : *Wheeling around to face you and shoving you backward a step, speaking softly but furiously.* That's it, don't say another word!

Dom : *smirking around Billy at Craig* Sure thing love *eyeing Craig with a snicker*

Elijah : *sets my hands lightly on Craig's chest* you have to understand love. He had it really hard growing up. He doesn’t feel right if he isn’t abused

Craig : I look down at Elijah's hand on my chest and back up at Dom, fighting the urge to drive my fist into that smirking face. Sighing, I release some of the attention and pull Elijah carefully to me, kissing the top of his head.

Elijah : *Wrapping my arms around his waist as he draws me closer and letting out a sigh of relief when I feel the tension ease from his stance*

Dom : *watching Craig and Elijah, tension slowly leaving my body* Sorry Craig... just, as protective as you are of Elijah... I am with Billy... *holding my hand out* no hard feelings?

Billy : *Pleasantly surprised at the sudden change of attitude. Damnit, Monaghan, you're the moodiest fuck in the world. Though I remain on guard just in case.*

Craig : For a brief moment I look at the outstretched hand before taking it in one of my own. "No hard feelings." I offer up a small smile.

Billy : *Bloody wow. I nod and smile, mostly at Elijah.* Alright, that took a little more sweat and tears than you had been hoping for, I bet.

Dom : *shaking your hand* Excellent. *drawing back and sliding an arm around Billy's waist, lovingly* Sorry Elijah *smiling* Just... not again, please?

Elijah : * //thanks love// *turning at Billy's words and catching his smile. A whole lot more than I expected. But at least I didn’t get slammed up against the wall by a dragon this time. *I give Dom a smile* No, I wont, you are an alpha and have marked him as yours.

Dom : Thank you *smiling and nodding in appreciation*

Elijah : Besides Craig bought a pair of handcuffs.

Craig : I choke as you mention that and look down at you, before giving you a devilish look. "We're just going to have to break those in when we get back aren't we?"

Dom : *laughing and pinching Billy's side* That's a good reason to stay right where you are. Perhaps we should invest in a pair as well *raising an eyebrow*

Elijah : *looking up at Craig and smiling broadly* Yep! Do you suppose the doctor would consider that as being too rough?

Billy : *Eyes widening and eyebrows raising at Elijah and Craig's comments. I glance at Dom, having barely taken in what he just said. I wouldn't have at all if it hadn't been for the pinch, causing me to jump and curl in a bit.* Eh... right.

Dom : *kissing your temple and nipping your ear, ignoring Elijah and Craig for the moment*

Billy : *Though the situation is resolved, I haven't forgiven the uncalled-for behavior of yours. There is a discussion to be had and I won't be content to be nuzzled/kissed/sweet talked/etc... until it happens. I push lightly at your chest and meet your gaze with a stern one of my own.*

Craig : I raise an eyebrow at the other two, an amused look coming to my face as I glance down at Elijah, nuzzling into his hair. "Do you think we should leave those two alone?" I chuckle at that.

Dom : *Fuck....* Sorry.... *whispering to you before sitting on the couch, silent*

Elijah : Mmm. *enjoying the nuzzle far more than I should at the moment* the hand cuffs are waiting you know..

Elijah : *looking up at Craig* shall we hit the road. Perhaps I can rest with my head in your lap while you are driving.

Dom : *headpalm, just imagining the images*

Craig : I smirk at that and snicker at the look on Dom's face. "I think we should. And I like you're idea, love." I gently start to lead Elijah to the door to let Dom and Billy have their 'alone time.'

Dom : *standing and moving to the door to open it, leaning in and whispering in Elijah's ear* Don't be a stranger mate... you were the first friend I ever really had

Elijah : *leaning to give Dom a hug* Of course I won’t be a stranger. *cuffs you playfully* I like you and Bill's

Dom : *grinning and hugging you back* See you soon mate

Elijah : Yup. Defiantely. *hugs Bills in farewell too*

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