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Shades of Gray

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September 6th, 2004

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09:22 pm - Ioreth / Elijah / Hugh
Elijah </b>: *I come into the kitchen and see Ioreth sitting at the table with packages of seeds sitting in front of her. With a smile I give her a kiss and a hug before I draw up a chair and sit down across from her* what are you doing love?

Ioreth : Plotting. *gives Elijah a wicked grin* I am taking over the garden.

Elijah : Oh cool. Can I help you? Karl won't let me do anything right now, and I am tired of oiling the tack a bit of plotting would be fun.. So is that why you have the seed packets out. Maybe we can grow some strawberries too.

Ioreth : *smiles* Of course. *waggles finger at him* although I don't want you tiring yourself, I'm sure a little gardening never hurt anybody.

Elijah : *I would bounce in the chair excitedly but after a single bounce, I stop doing that* I promise I won't get tired on you. So what are we going to plant? And should I fetch the hoe and rake from the barn? Or did Sala already do that for you and I missed out?

Ioreth : Flowers and herbs. *gestures to one of the piles* These are very virtuous plants; they look nice, they smell nice, and they have all manner of uses. No use planting something that looks pretty and doesn't do anything else.

Elijah : *Nods* that makes sense. Sure beats planting just wheat too for the horses. I recognize the thyme and rosemary.. Mint of course for teas.. What are some of the flowers virtues?

Ioreth : Chamomile for teas as well... this we called 'Ladies Slipper' in westron - see the way the flower looks? - and the roots are good for some kinds of headaches. Pennyroyal is good for the stomach, very light - I gave you... *shakes head* Not you, other-you, it was in the things I gave him. *pushes a packet to one side, away from the others* Star-grass... in Lossanarch we called it ague-root, it's mostly a... *coughs politely* woman's herb. *goes through the rest, smiling as she remembers her old training, her time in the Houses*

Elijah : Ah.. And I recognize Fever-few. I didn't know you could use ladies slipper as a pain reliever. Do you boil it like willow bark? Oh and yum.. You did get strawberries. *pouts lightly* You forgot the tomatoes though.

Ioreth : No, no boiling. You have to dry the roots, and grind them, and soak them in vinegar or wine for a time, to get the medicine out. *laughs* And I'll get some tomatoes next time, I promise.

Elijah : Well it is still too cool to start tomatoes anyways. So which are we going to plant first or do we need to clean out the old flower bed first?

Ioreth : Clean out. *hugs him* You get to fetch the rake.

Elijah : I can do that. Wont take me but a few minutes to go to the barn for it.. *I hug her lightly back* I can at least help you by pulling weeds. I can sit on the ground to do that

Ioreth : *smiles and hurries off to the flower bed, where she gets to work where she can while Elijah goes for the rake*

Elijah : *returning at a fast pace, though not at a run, besides hurting if Karl or Craig saw that i was running they would be furious so i keep it a slower pace than normal. With a grin I return to the back of the house where Ioreth is already in the garden. I kneel down next to her slowly and start pulling weeds* Is there anything left from last fall that needs to stay? Or does it all need to come out?

Ioreth : *points out a few things* Most of it can go - I'll deal with this corner, I can better tell between weed and herb. The benefit of age.

Elijah : *nods* okay I will pull everything.. *Settles down among the section that held the chives seeing a few of them poking up through the soil* I will pull everything that over here that doesn’t smell or look like onions

Ioreth : *smiles* I suppose you have a good nose for it, at least. *working quickly through her section*

Elijah : *Chortles* Well isn't that the truth. *Sits up and pulls out the weeds breaking around the surface. The warmth of the early spring sun warm upon my back* So what do you think of Karl's full house?

Ioreth : It's all rather mad... which I rather like. It reminds me of home. *sighs* Although I think I am slowing down a little of late. *shrugs* Can't keep up with you youngsters.

Elijah : *Chuckles* I can't keep up either.. well not right now. But Doctor London said that I should heal just fine as long as I don't do anything to re-break the rib. But Hugh is really nice.. You would like him.. *chuckles* Poor Karl. Tries to be a hermit and now has everybody and there selkie is living here

Ioreth : Oh, I am sure he doesn't mind really. *smiles* After all, who could resist you, little wolf?

Elijah : There are a few who don’t see my charms. David for one. I still think in his eyes I am a trouble magnet. *chuckles and pulls out the last weed in this area. * Well this section is done at last. Shall I move over to where the sage is?

Ioreth : *nods* That was quick of you! And you're a very charming trouble magnet.
Elijah : *leans over to kiss you on the cheek* Awww. I just got you wrapped around my little fingers that’s all. *grins* and i bet you say that to all the boys to get another peck on the cheek.

Ioreth : *laughs* Little charmer. Get back to work, you.

Elijah : Oh so you caught my evil scheme..*chuckles quietly and goes back to weeding around the sage plants.* i should introduce you to Hugh.. He's huge.. Well when he is a gryphon he is

Ioreth : *exasperated* Do you know anyone who is actually human around here? *shakes head* Do I even want to know what a gryphon is?

Elijah : Um..sure there is You... Sala.. *thinks* Colin.. well I thought he was at least. Ewan and Monica and Liv say otherwise.. A gryphon is well its a. . a.. well he has.. the front half is a falcon and the back half is a lion.

Ioreth : I'm still not sure if Sala counts. *attempts to imagine half-falcon, half-lion thing* I suppose I'll have to see this Hugh for myself, because I just can't wrap my head around that.

Elijah : *Nods in agreement* Hugh is something to see when he is in gryphon form. *Chuckles* I cant describe him any better that that. He has black and gold tipped feathers and black fur. he purrs if you pet him

Ioreth : *laughs* What it is with you lot and having me pet dangerous creatures? *thinks of Orlando and shudders* *finishes weeding her section* I think we'll be ready to plant soon.

Elijah : Aww we aren’t dangerous once you get to know us *giving you a grin before I notice the shudder and the change of subject* Ioreth.. did one of the supernatural try to hurt you? I could bite him for you if you would like.

Ioreth : He's not in this world, love. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. *hugs* Besides, the sooner we plant your strawberries, the sooner you'll get to eat them.

Elijah : well if someone tries that here just let me know and I will get after them for you. . *hugs you back* mmm strawberries.. maybe we can make strawberry shortcake with gobs of whipping cream. *licks my lips at the thought and works more quickly though the section that i was working on.* I love berries..

Ioreth : Strawberry shortcake it is. *moves to the last section* I don't think there'll be enough to make all that much jam - I'll have to send someone off to get me a few punnets of the bruised ones from the market, that's what we did at the Houses. It doesn't matter so much when you're putting them in jam.

Elijah : Oh boy strawberries jam too. I might have to steal a few jars for Craig and I of that, though I won't guarantee that it will go on our toast in the mornings... well evenings.. *pulls out the last couple of weeds and rests for a moment.*

Ioreth : Thank you, young man, I did not need to know that. *eyes you* I won't even ask if you're being careful not to hurt yourself, little wolf.

Elijah : of course I am *rubs my side lightly* Well we are following Doctor London's instructions though not quite to the exact letter. But its been a week since the rescue.. and i did spend a few days in bed asleep.. and i did rest.. somewhat..

Ioreth : *firmly* I'll make you up a little tea. Stay here and rest, we'll plant in a bit.

Elijah : *Sits*
Elijah : *fidgets impatiently*

Ioreth : *goes and makes up some iced tea and gets a few biscuits as well* *brings it out to the garden* There. A reward for helping me with the garden.

Elijah : *pulls a couple more weeds while she isn’t looking*
Elijah : oops. *blushes* you came back to soon.

Ioreth : *sighs at him* Rest. Drink. Or I'll tell the doctor on you.

Elijah : *finds a spot and leans back against one of the small fruit trees* Okay.. I will behave myself. *steals a biscuit and a glass of tea* Oh yum.. you used the rose hip tea for me *Smiles happily* My favorite.

Later in the afternoon…

Elijah : *Ioreth is managing the rake and getting rid of the weeds while I am cleaning out the rest of the section next to rose bushes* Can we plant strawberries next?

Ioreth : Yes, yes, lots of strawberries. I'll have to take you berry-picking when you're better, I can see.

Elijah : Yes. Berry picking would be fun. I could eat almost as many as we bring back.

Ioreth : *shakes head* You'll make yourself sick. I suppose boys never change.

Elijah : *I give her a grin* When have you ever seen me get sick from eating too much?
Elijah : Well.. *Come to think of it* when have you ever seen me eat too much?

Ioreth : *waggles finger* Just because I haven't seen it doesn't mean it's not possible.

Elijah : That's true in just about everything. *kisses the tip of your finger before I go back to weeding*

Hugh : *Blinking in the bright sunlight, I cock my head to one side and orient on the sound of voices. I really don't want to be alone right now, and hearing the puppy encourages me to head toward them. It would be faster if I could fly, but I don't want to put that much strain on my wings just yet. Instead I pick my way over to where I see Elijah with a human woman, careful not to step on anything.*Hello puppy, am I interrupting?

Elijah : *I hear his voice before I look up and see him round the corner of the house and scramble slowly to my feet* No not at all Hugh.. Actually we were just talking about you..

Ioreth : *eyes warily* Right.

Elijah : Ioreth. This is Hugh. Karl's most recent houseguest, Hugh this is Ioreth she's a healer.

Hugh : *I incline my head slightly as I'm introduced.* M'lady, a pleasure, I'm sure.

Ioreth : *blinks* Nice to meet you. *is going to pretend that the whole voice-in-head thing didn't just happen*

Elijah : See I told you.. *bounces lightly* Sorta a falcon and a lion mixed.. *pets lightly over the black feathers*

Hugh : *I roll my eyes a little when I'm sure Elijah can't see and ruffle the boys hair fondly with my beak.* Just so.

Ioreth : *is slightly confused and trying not to show it* I'm told you're a doctor. I'd love to discuss medicine with you sometime.

Elijah : oh he's not a doctor.. well i don’t think he is one at least *hugs Hugh lightly around the neck* we were working in garden were are going to planting strawberries for me. Ioreth has some flowers and other herbal medicine seeds too.

Hugh : Ah, well I'm not a doctor. My human connections lay in finance... although I have some knowledge of medicine I've picked up here and there.

Ioreth : *confused again* Who was the doctor, then, Elijah? I swear, I can never keep all these people straight.

Elijah : He's the one that had Hugh and Livvie caged up. I don't know where David put him. But then I wouldn’t go looking for him..*shivers uncontrollably* I don’t think i ever want to see him again.

Ioreth : *fights urge to cuddle and mother* Ah. *still confused*

Elijah : *still trembling for a moment* Hugh was held captive by the doctor for almost two years. And here I thought six months were bad.

Elijah : *Sitting back onto the ground and going back to the weeds* You two actually have something in common.. Hugh comes from Greece, where he grew up with cities made of stone. Ioreth comes from a similar land..

Hugh : Oh? *tilts head quizzically to one side.*

Ioreth : *smiles* I spent most of my life in the White City. *fond memories* I don't think there's anything like it here.

Elijah : Not in New Zealand I don't think. I haven't come across anything like Minas Tirith here, well not yet at least.

Ioreth : *proud* There is nothing like Minas Tirith. Not here, not anywhere. *sighs* Only there.

Elijah : Well certainly not in any of the places I have visited in my life.. Maybe someday that "weaver" person will let you go back home. *turning to Hugh* Have you ever read the novel LOTR? Thats where Ioreth comes from. An odd set of circumstances caused her to end up in Wellington.

Hugh : No, I haven't actually.... My reading of literature, I'm afraid, tends toward the scrolls of Greece and Rome.

Ioreth : *has no idea what that means* I'd try to explain, only... well, it's a little difficult. Would you like some tea?

Elijah : Ah. No wonder. Well it would take me hours to explain the book. Let alone what happened to Ioreth... *grins at Hugh* she makes the best tea and cookies.

Hugh : I don't think that I'd be able to fit through any doorways in my present form for a proper tea, I'm afraid.

Ioreth : Perhaps just the cookies, then?

Elijah : You could shift. I could get you a pair of David’s jeans to put on.
Elijah : She really does make a delicious pot of tea. Rose hips and jasmine is my favorite.

Hugh : If David does mind my borrowing a pair of jeans then I can shift.

Elijah : He won't mind.. We sorta brought you without very much luggage. *I grin and run off into the house to get you a pair and one Karl's flannel shirts *

Ioreth : *smiles vaguely at Hugh* He's a good lad.

Hugh : He is... its a strange thing for me to be surrounded by so many not of my kindred, but I do not feel so wary as I would.

Elijah : *I pull out the clothes out of the dryer and bring them back outdoors. Catching the last sentence of Hugh's* why should you have to be wary?

You are in Wellington amongst friends.

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