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Shades of Gray

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September 5th, 2004

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11:54 am - Elijah pets Hugh.

Elijah : *I pat Hugh lightly when I walk into the arena.* Thanks for the lift Hugh I hope I didn't hurt you any, since I know it's been awhile since you stretched your wings and all that. * I stroke lightly at the feathers still flattened by the collar the doctor made you wear. It was one of the first things we did was to get rid of the collar. There was no way to get you through the door into the doctor's office.. if we had left it on. Now that I see you in the daylight. You are more golden then in the dark of the cage. Which lead me to ponder aloud* Why did the doctor have you caged?

Hugh : We had a light disagreement... I thought he looked better with limbs scattered around the room, he preferred to have his body parts intact. There's really no accounting for taste. Unfortunately in trying to persuade him to my way of thinking, I had a collar snapped around my neck and got stuffed in a cage. *I shrug philosophically, or as much as a gryphon can. Settling back on my haunches, I begin the very serious task of preening my feathers. After so long stuck in the dark with hardly any room most of my flight feathers need to be snapped off, not something which is going to be pleasant.*

Elijah : *I listen and watch you for a moment* So he caged you for a fight. You were right back then. I have grown accustomed to my other nature and I have found I like being a wolf at times. * I stand for a moment trying to figure out what you are doing with your wings* Would you like some help.. How long were you in.. *I shiver* the doctors cage? Did he drug you too? Hope you didn't drink any of his wine. Did you know he is a werewolf?

Hugh : Yes, I know he was a werewolf, no I never drank any of his wine although he sedated me to transport me to the lab. But that was while I was in my human form, so I was much weaker. I was in his care for roughly a year and a half... I lose track of time easily. And... sure. I'm pulling out those flight feathers. *I nose at a couple, stealing my resolve before pulling them out, luckily not nicking any of the blood feathers nearby.*

Elijah : This one next? *I touch one lightly* Perhaps it will hurt less if your mind is on other things. I had not thought feathers could hurt coming out. But I guess hair hurts when it gets pulled, I suppose feathers would too. A year and a half.. Then he caught you soon after I began working there..

Hugh : Most feathers don't hurt when they are pulled, but primary, blood and flight feathers hurt very badly when they're pulled. It has to be done, though. And yes... that one is the next. *I sigh softly and stretch my wing out to you, feathers splayed out.*

Elijah : *I see the sharp look of pain come into the amethyst eyes after I pulled one out* Sorry don't mean to hurt you. A year and a half. *I shake my head* and I thought six months were bad.. Did you know about Andrew?*Sadly* He was the only one that tried to help me early on.. He didn't survive my first full moon. So is a gryphon.. a earth? or air.. hmm not water.. don't think.. fire elemental?

Hugh : Gryphons were formed from three elements, the only one left out of our creation was water. And I... you mentioned Andrew to me when we first remember. I sigh and rise onto my four feet, stretching out legs and wings. The muscles have started to atrophy from so long being stagnant. Puffing out a bit I send a small cloud of black down flying out. From there I start to chew on one talon, cleaning it off thoroughly.*

Elijah : *sneezes in the sudden shower of tiny feathers as they shower about* are your feathers magical too? *I go back to stroking your feathers lightly especially where the collar had left an imprint. So the collar to a gryphon is like a halter is to the kelpie? Kept you confined to one shape?

Hugh : Yes, exactly like that. Its a useful trick at times when I don't wish to accidentally shift back into a gryphon... And yes, practically all of me can be used to achieve some magical end. My down, however, is not magical. It just makes a soft quilt and insulates me from the cold. *I smile softly and settle down on the floor again. This time I lay on my side, wings tucked in and paws stretched out comfortably.*

Elijah : Hmmm. Maybe that is why the doctor had you locked up then. Not for a quilt I mean, but for the other. *Wraps my hands about your neck and hugs you tightly* I am glad to see that you weren’t a dream after all *kisses you on the beak before returning to the task at hand. I stroke my fingers over the back feathers of your neck.. *

Hugh : *I blink slightly at being kissed, a little surprised at the gesture before simply shrugging it off. Mmmm.... that feels good after so long. I haven't been able to get to those feathers in months.*

Elijah : Is it not very often you have a wolf puppy kissing you? *begins to tease the feathers on the back of your neck, fluffing them out with my fingertips, I grin as I work on them*

Hugh : *It is not often I have anyone kissing me. Gryphons don't kiss... we preen each other on occasion, but that’s about the extent of such things. I had forgotten that humans did so. I rest my beak against my crossed paws, arching the back of my neck and letting the feather rise slightly.*

Elijah : Preen? Is that like licking another wolf to groom them? Same concept? * I run your neck feathers through my finger tips* Where will you go from here? Or will you stay in Wellington with us..

Hugh : *Similiar enough concept, different procedure completely. I nod slightly, and then roll again. It feels so wonderful to have space that I can't seem to sit still. My wings are aching to fly again, but that would be a very bad idea at this point. Instead I stretch them out again, pushing my paws foreword and stretching my back as well as any cat would. I need to see what has happened to my human assets while I was imprisoned... and eventually I want to check back at my eyrie, see if its been completely looted. But... there is probably nothing left in Greece, and I don't really have any other places that I want to go... so I don't know where I'll stay.*

Elijah : You can stay here in Wellington with us. Would you..*I blush* Karl has a brush he bought for me while I am all wolfie.. Would you like me to brush your.. *i pause and try to think of the word* .. well I guess it would be your hind quarters. It's in my flat. It won’t take me more then a minute to run up there and get it and come back. But you can stay in Wellington.

Hugh : *I turn my head and glance back at my 'hindquarters,' most of my torso is actually covered in fur. Normally its a lovely, glossy black, but now... its rather dull and can definitely be spruced up a bit. Yes, I think a good brushing is quite in order. And... I'll think about Wellington.*

Elijah : *I pat your hindquarters for a moment raising a bit of dust* Then I will be right back... don't go away then.. *i give you a grin and go up the stairs in the stable*
*Quickly feeding George and Emma and kissing Craig as he lays still sleeping, i grab up the brush and return a short time later with my brush in hand and just a pair of jeans on. The sunlight streaming into the arena having warmed it pleasantly.* Your lucky the sun is shining, it gets cold in here some days.

Hugh : *I have chosen to sit down again, positioned like the Egyptian Sphinx with my eyes half closed. Glancing at the brush in your hands I consider that my current position probably isn't going to make brushing easy on you. Lurching back onto all four feet with less grace than normal, I lift my wings up to the sunlight before settling again in a similar, resting position. I have feathers and fur, whatever the weather throws at me, I'm pretty much covered.*

Elijah : True that. I stay pretty much warm in both forms. *I start where your feathers and fur come together.* I like it when Karl brushes my fur out. It feels.. I don’t know.. cleaner somehow.. Specially after a run in the fields.. get all sorts of things natted in there

Hugh : *Mmmmm... I have the exact same problem when I fly to low in dense brush. You wouldn't believe how long it takes to get some of those things out of my fur. Its helpful to have someone with a brush around.*

Elijah : Yeah it is nice. From both views. I have brushed out Karl too and he just feels so silky afterwa- hey.. wow .. your fur is black under the dust..

Hugh : *My head shoots up from where I had pillowed it on my foreclaws. I wasn't that dusty! ...was I? Cranning around I look at what you've done so far compared to the part which remains undusty. Goddess above... I'm... I'm... Making a sound half screech half retching, I lay my head back down. Tell me when I've returned to my natural coloring.. Shuddering convulsively I do my best to block the image out of my mind.*

Elijah : Well you have been underground for nearly two years. *with a soft smile I continue to brush your fur happily, it isn't matted with sticks and briar like mine and Karl’s get, so the strokes are smooth, every so often I clean out the hairs amongst the bristles. Musing suddenly.* I wonder if Billy would let me curry him one day.. Though I better not ask now after the talk Karl had with me.

Hugh : *Billy? The smooth strokes help to calm down my earlier panic at being... filthy. It still makes me flutter my feathers a little in disgust, before I remember that I'm being cleaned.*

Elijah : Yes.. He's a centaur.. Karl promised him he could come out here for a run. I haven't seen him since a few days after we got back. But then I spent a lot of time in bed since we got back.

Hugh : I have not seen a centaur in a very long time, they used to cause trouble in Greece. *My beak curves in a bird like smile as I think of the trouble which was caused.* Tell me more, about everyone. I would like to know about those who rescued me... well, the fairy, technicially. *

Elijah : Livvie is the selkie.. I hope she is doing alright. Her poor shop. I don't know if anyone took care of it while she was gone. She will be distraught if all her wonderful fish died.

Elijah : David is the Dragon. He is mated to Karl that’s the other wolf that was with us. They have been protecting me since I arrived in Wellington. They are the Alpha pair around here. Ewan.. * I grin* he's a fairy .. earth and air mix. Him and I have fun together. He's the one that led us Underhill. He had a boy friend.. a unicorn once.. He disappeared and never returned to Wellington. And then there was Monica, she's my friend.. I told her to stay here, she has a mind of her own.. she is a.. hmm.. a water demon.. of sorts.. likes to seduce men in the rain..

Hugh : Ahh... and... the fairy is the one who unclasped the collar? I sigh softly and roll onto my side. Shifting around all four feet, I present my stomach to be brushed while considering what you've told me. There are many water demons... and all of them are tricky things... but glorious if you're on their good side. And a dragon and a wolf... hmmm...

Elijah : Yes. That was Ewan. He has a very playful side that annoys the dragon. But I love him all the more for it. The wolf and the dragon are bonded... The dragon is very jealous. *I begin running the brush down your stomach* I will have to have you meet Craig, after sunset of course.

Hugh : Craig? He is your mate? *I lift my head and peer at you in curiosity.* Tell me about him. How long have the two of you been together? He comes only after sunset?

Elijah : Yep *I work out the tangles when my fingers discover then in the ruff of your fur so that I don't tug and hurt your skin underneath* Craig's my lover. He's a vampire less then a hundred, and we have been together for a year.. Met soon after I came to Wellington. Swept me off my feet and over his shoulder the first night we were together.

Hugh : He sounds wonderful.

Elijah : *I pause in stroking for a moment* He is.. Has the most piercing blue eyes you have ever seen. And when he touches me I melt into a puddle.you know. I love it when he bites me too. It just.. i don't know . sends goose bumps right down to my toes and makes me shiver with delight. and i just go all incoherent.. *Wraps my hands about your neck and hugs you tightly* I am glad we got you rescued too.

Hugh : *blushes slightly and purrs contently.:-D

Elijah : *Grins at the blush* Is it not very often you have a pup to hug and kiss you? * Grinning I begin to tease the feathers on the top of your head*

Hugh : It’s not very often that I have anyone kissing me.

Elijah : You ought to try that more often.. it is fun..

Hugh : Mm... it could also be rather problematic.

Elijah : well.. true.. 'specially when you are in your natural form.

Hugh : *coughs* Well, to be exact gryphon is my natural form but... yes, your right.

Elijah : that what i said.. *strokes my fingers over the back feathers of your neck.. *

Hugh : *purrs softly and thumps my tail against the floor*

Elijah : mmm you like that? *continues running my fingers the opposite direction for a moment* you are lucky you are in your natural form.. or things could get down right serious.

Hugh : Then you are right, it is lucky that I am a gryphon and not a man.

Elijah : *move my fingers to preen the front part of your neck. Tickling the feathers lightly* you could fix that you know.. *grins* you could shift and take me off to your bed.. I wouldn't be opposed to that idea.. but then Craig calls me insatiable.

Hugh : I, however, would. *Growling playfully I nudge you with my beak lightly.*

Elijah : Can't blame me for trying.. Who knows you might have said yes.. *i kiss you on the beak again with sparkling eyes.. I run a single finger tip up down your chin.. and continue on down to your breastbone*

Hugh : It takes more than a proposition for one night to lure a gryphon to bed, puppy. But it was a valiant effort, and I can respect it. *I ruffle my feathers out slightly, knowing that I am beginning to resemble a pigeon.*

Elijah : Ah so I would have to proposition you for more then one night.. I am not sure Craig would be too keen on that idea.. Smoothes my fingers up through the ruffled feathers helping you shake out the loose ones..

Hugh : You have a mate and are still propositioning for one night stands? *I raise an eyebrow and shake my head in minor amusement. That is not how things are done with gryphon’s, but you are not of my kind so its something to be intrigued by.*

Elijah : Yeah.. I get that same reaction from David.. He's a dragon.. I can't help it sometimes.. It's like testing the water with your toe before jumping in to the lake.. . I don't know.. not all men are like me.. So don't base your judgment on that.. Horndog.. that’s what Colin use to call me. *i grin and go back to preening your breast feathers*

Hugh : *I chuckle a bit and my chest vibrates as does a cat's when it purrs.* I have known enough men that it does not surprise me so much... I wonder, though, wolves normally find mates for life, do they not?

Elijah : I was not always a wolf.. And yes sometimes they do.. well sorta.. the alpha pair does at least. But inside the pack.. there is a preference and then there is.. well.. the satisfaction of needs when they arise.. It helps to perpetuate the pack.

Hugh : *I preen along the primary feathers of my wing as I think about the dynamics of mating in other cultures. It still seems odd to me to share intimacies with any but your mate. Just as it seems odd to ever take another mate. But the, I suppose my ways seem just as odd.* Yes, I suppose that your right.

Elijah : *i still my fingers for a moment resting them against you thought fully* Well you have to look at it this way.. A pack is made up of different ages.. But it is the influx of new pups are what keep the pack future intact.. What would happen if one of the alpha pair got just hurt or injured? Rather than having the breeding alpha pair die off the pack regenerates itself. The other part of that is I am considered young for a wolf. Your description of puppy is on the mark. The older the wolf the less likely it is to seek another then the alpha for fulfillment. The young ones still seek out companionship in multiple directions.

Hugh : *I incline my head slightly, conceding defeat on the topic.* It is still a strange things for a gryphon to consider, but yes. In the cases of wolf and mortal, it is true and with the wolves even makes a kind of sense beyond simply hormones.

Elijah : Do you suppose that if the gryphons were that way. That there would be more of them?. *thoughtfully* well.. wait.. they are immortal.. I wonder if that is part of the reason.. we would be overwhelmed by loads and loads of them because they couldn't die..

Hugh : *I shrug slightly and look up to the sky as though searching for others of my kind in its depths.* There are many theories as to why a gryphon only takes a single mate for life... Some, deal with our immortal life spans, though it is rare for gryphlets to be born which has cast doubt on it.

Elijah : *i go back to preening your under feathers.. this time about your shoulders.. * and what is your theory?

Hugh : *I smile softly* My theory involves a very old story. Think you can bear to here an old gryphon ramble

Elijah : But of course. Ramble on Hugh.

Hugh : *sighs and settles down* Gryphon’s were created out a melding of the harshest sunlight, and the violent winds of a storm. Every emotion, every facet of our beings was made into extremes. We felt despair like nothing a creature could comprehend. Anger loosed us like plagues upon the world, destruction like the wrath of the Gods themselves. But love... love we felt in a way that no creature has before or since. It was consuming as the fires of the sun and as far reaching as the violent storm winds. But the hearts and forms of gryphons were too unstable, and so the Mother Earth offered herself to temper our desires. She grounded our despair, and turned our anger quiet. But our love she left untouched... and it is the one part of us which remains as it was when we first began. So it encompasses all of my being, all of my soul and body in a way that nothing else could. And when a gryphon's mate dies, then the grief that was before will well up and the anger, and any gryphon will take death. The way a gryphon feels love, can only be felt once, and will suffer no other to share any part with.

Elijah : *curious* So have you found this love, lost this love, or are you still seeking it?

Hugh : If I have had lost this love I wouldn't still be here to tell the story and enjoy your company. No, I'm still looking for my mate and I fear that they might be lost to me.

Elijah : *Moves my hands round to your back and fluffs up those feathers..* Oh.. you will find one day.. the world is open to all sorts of possibilities. Shoot.. two years ago werewolves and vampires didn’t exist.. a year ago unicorns and kepies didn’t .. six months ago demons and fairies didn't. Don’t give up to soon

Hugh : *I smile and ruffle your hair carefully with my beak.* Yes, but two years ago the mountains of Greece still had gryphon eryies deep within. A year ago we'd gather on the Palestine Hill. Six months ago... Our numbers are failing with every passing moon.

Elijah : Oh. thats sad.. six months ago.. what.. what happened six months ago.

Hugh : *I sigh and drop my head.* Six months ago, six years ago... the story is always the same. More gryphons die.

Elijah : But.. what.. would kill a gryphon.. My gods you are to beautiful to all be dying off. *I hug you around the neck again burrowing against your feathers* I don’t want to lose you so soon, Hugh.
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